Why Is HVAC Airflow So Important For My Home?

HVAC systems require proper airflow to achieve superior heating and cooling performance. The conditioned air in an average home has a movement rate of around 1,000 cubic feet per minute. It passes through filters, ducts, and vents. Homeowners can expect high energy efficiency, durable components, low operating prices, and balanced temperatures if all parts work properly. However, many homes experience HVAC airflow issues that cause discomfort. For instance, uneven temperatures may plague your residence, wherein one room feels cold while another feels warm.

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The Importance Of HVAC Airflow

Here are several reasons behind the airflow issues in your home:

Restrictive HVAC Filters

image of a dirty air conditioner filter that needs replacement

Air filters are needed to increase indoor air quality and avoid system damage. They capture pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, carpet fibers, mold spores, and tobacco smoke. Filters protect your family’s health, but they have limited usability. The dirt eventually accumulates and gets too thick, restricting the airflow into the system. Filters should be replaced every few months to prevent this issue. Some homes need to replace their HVAC filters more often. It is essential to conduct monthly checks and change the filters as needed.

Make sure that you use a filter your system can accommodate. A few homeowners may switch to filters with a high MERV rating for better indoor air quality. These may be better at capturing airborne particles, but they also restrict HVAC airflow. The fan speeds may require adjustment to handle it. Some high-efficiency filters also need to be replaced more frequently.

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Leaking HVAC Ducts

hvac ductwork

Ducts may develop cracks and holes as time passes. Improper installation, poor-quality materials, excessive air pressure, or pest infestation can cause this. Studies suggest that around 1/3 of the air in faulty ductwork leaks out in most homes. This is especially an issue for rooms furthest from the HVAC system. This means the hot air from the furnace may not get to them during the coldest months. The room occupants will feel cold regardless of the setting adjustments you make. Hire a professional to find any ductwork leaks and seal them permanently. Be sure to call HVAC professionals to repair your leaky HVAC ducts as soon as possible.

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Blocked HVAC Vents

Check the vents in a room that doesn’t reach the set temperature, no matter the system settings. Something may be blocking the vents. For instance, a piece of furniture or an extra-long curtain may be in front of it. Someone may have also closed the grates. When you get rid of the obstruction, check if the situation improves. Otherwise, it may be due to other causes, as listed here.


Closed Damper Valve

All HVAC systems have a way of regulating airflow. Many depend on damper valves to decrease or increase the airflow to specific zones. These valves can also stop the flow if no one is in the room. A few can be controlled manually, while others operate automatically per the thermostat setting. See if the manual dampers are positioned correctly. Utilize the lever to adjust them. If your automatic dampers are faulty, it is better to have an HVAC expert to help you as they can look into the electrical system for you.

Crushed Flex Duct

image of an hvac contractor with hvac ducts

Air ducts are made from different materials. Many are made of metal for durability, while some use flexible plastic, particularly for bends. Plastic products have advantages, but they are likely to get damaged more often. A flex duct may get crushed if a person accidentally steps on it. Air will have more difficulty passing through because of its flattened shape. If you can access these ducts, you can revert them to their original shape. Have an HVAC contractor replace them immediately if the ducts have holes or cracks.

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Improperly Sized Ductwork

HVAC systems consist of multiple components. They all need to work together to generate the desired results. You will have a problem if some parts aren’t compatible. For instance, you may have oversized ducts. This results in low air pressure that cannot sustain travel to the farthest rooms of the house. It’s like you have a small faucet but use a big hose. The other scenario is as equally bad. Usually, ducts that are too small restrict airflow. An experienced HVAC technician should design the ductwork. They will utilize scientific analysis of the household to find the right duct size.

Inadequate Return Air Vents

Air from HVAC systems to various parts of your home must return. This closed-loop system depends on this cycle to operate as intended. If the quantity of air returning is insufficient, some areas may have increased air pressure and reduced airflow. An HVAC technician should check and repair the issue if this is a system design flaw. If your home has sufficient return vents, but some aren’t operating optimally, the problem should be diagnosed and resolved immediately.



Airflow is essential to achieve high performance from an HVAC system. Some telltale signs of poor airflow are nagging discomfort and temperature imbalances throughout the house. Have an HVAC technician find out precisely what is causing the problem and determine how to remove the blockages to have a smooth airflow. With professional assistance, you will enjoy better energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and even, balanced temperatures.

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