Trusted, Dependable Automatic Propane Delivery

Automatic propane delivery is perfect for customers who want easy, worry-free comfort, and lower heating oil prices!

There are no phone calls to make or orders to place. We carefully monitor outdoor temperatures, weather forecasts, and your unique usage history to determine the best timing for your next heating propane delivery.

To order propane on an Automatic Delivery basis, simply call (410) 876-6800 or contact us online.

Automatic Propane Delivery customers also receive these benefits:

  • $.05 per gallon discount on top of our competitive heating oil prices and any senior or military discounts you may qualify for.
  • No-Run-Out Guarantee: We are so confident in our Automatic Delivery service, we guarantee it! In the event that you lose primary heat due to a scheduling error on our part, we will credit your account $50 and offer our 24/7 emergency delivery service to fill your tank ASAP! For the fastest response please call (410) 876-6800 to request an emergency delivery.
  • Propane Price Protection Option: Automatic Delivery customers may enroll in Price Protection.

Plans Tailored to Fit Your Personal Needs

Courteous Employees Who Share Your Priorities

Locally-Based and Responsive

No Remote Call Centers Or Sub-Contractors

Guaranteed Automatic Delivery with 24/7 Emergency Service

100% Commitment to Safety

How Does Automatic Delivery Work?

Automatic propane delivery is a hassle-free process! At Tevis Energy, we monitor your propane consumption to ensure you always have the propane you need. Our advanced software algorithm considers degree days (outdoor temperatures and the time of year) to accurately predict your propane usage.

With this system, you will never run out of propane. The best part is you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your usage. We proactively refill your propane before it runs out, so you never have to worry about running low or experiencing a disruption in your service.

worry free heating oil delivery

Automatic Propane Delivery: Simplifying Your Life

Automatic propane delivery is a great way to make your life easier. During the winter, it is essential to have a steady and reliable supply of propane. Not knowing if you have enough to last through a winter storm can be stressful.

With our automatic propane delivery services, there's no need to constantly check how much propane you have left. You won't even need to call us! This is truly a "set it and forget it" solution for you. Once you're set up as an automatic propane delivery customer, there's no hassle on your end.

Learn More About Tevis Energy's Automatic Propane Delivery Services

Automatic Delivery is CONVENIENT. Life gets busy. Checking propane levels can be inconvenient and inaccurate and can cause homeowners to run out of propane. Let Tevis Propane do it instead! With automatic delivery, we accurately schedule your deliveries by monitoring:

  • Your Propane Usage History
  • How you are currently using propane in your home
  • Outdoor Temperatures
  • Weather Forecasts

Contact us today to learn more. Call (410) 876-6800 or complete the form below.

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