Propane Services For New Construction

When building a new house, choosing propane can be advantageous due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It often reduces utility bills, especially in heating and cooking. Propane systems are low-maintenance and durable, and they provide reliable energy in areas with inconsistent electricity, ensuring functionality during power outages.

Why Choose Propane?

  • Approved clean alternative fuel
  • Offers comfortable warmth
  • Competitive pricing compared to electricity, and other alternatives
  • Installation is less expensive compared to natural gas systems
  • Widely available and locally distributed
  • Provides excellent value with reduced overall energy costs
  • A non-toxic, environmentally friendly option that doesn't contaminate groundwater or soil
Propane Construction Tevis

Choosing propane for a new home can lead to substantial savings and operational reliability. Its efficiency in appliances like furnaces and stoves can significantly cut energy expenditures. Moreover, propane is highly dependable, providing a consistent energy supply that isn't affected by grid outages, making it ideal for areas prone to power interruptions. This makes propane an attractive option for homeowners looking for a practical and resilient energy solution.



Benefits of incorporating propane into your construction plans

New building with Propane
  • Energy Efficiency: Propane-powered appliances are highly efficient, offering cost savings and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional options.
  • Design Flexibility: With propane, you have the flexibility to design your space without the constraints of traditional utility lines. Propane can be easily integrated into various building layouts and configurations.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions compared to other fuels, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Reliability: Propane systems are known for their reliability and consistent performance, ensuring comfort and convenience for occupants.
  • Versatility: From heating and hot water to cooking and outdoor living spaces, propane can power a wide range of appliances, providing comprehensive energy solutions for your new construction project.

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