Common Furnace FAQs

During the winter season, temperatures plunge to the extreme. Homeowners should inspect their furnaces and ensure they are ready to perform as expected. If you doubt its working condition, have a heating professional come and conduct furnace maintenance or repairs. It is best to schedule these important heating services as soon as possible because it may become harder to book HVAC services at the peak of the season.

Homeowners likely have many questions at this time. They want to know if they should call for one kind of service or another. They require guidance as they look for a new furnace while balancing short-term and long-term expenses. Experienced HVAC technicians can give extensive answers to your unique situations. For now, here are general answers to common furnace FAQ.

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Common Furnace FAQs

Keep reading to explore some of the most common questions that homeowners ask about their furnace system.

Do I Really Need Maintenance On My Furnace?

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YES, you need furnace maintenance. Manufacturers usually require proof of maintenance before they honor the warranty. They give detailed instructions in the manual on how to take care of the units. You should follow these instructions rather than risk sudden furnace problems, such as failures and expensive repairs. Regular furnace maintenance ensures the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your heating system.


When Should I Call For Furnace Repairs?

Call for furnace repairs the moment you see an issue. Delaying it will only worsen the problem and spike the cost. A furnace is cheaper, faster, and easier to fix while the problem is still in its initial stages. Find a reputable furnace company in your area, like Tevis Energy, to assist you.

When Should I Schedule A Furnace Replacement?

There isn’t a specific frame of time to replace your furnace since heating systems have varying longevity and quality. Most units can last over ten years with proper care. After a decade, homeowners may want to begin saving up for a new furnace. After all, a new furnace installation can completely eliminate frequent breakdowns, improve efficiency, and lower heating costs.

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What Are Furnace Replacement Signs?

You may need to upgrade your heating system if your current one displays symptoms such as unusual smells, delayed ignition, pilot light failure, insufficient heat, and worsening corrosion. Reduced energy efficiency also signifies that you should get a furnace replacement. This can manifest as higher energy consumption and increased energy bills.


How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filters?

HVAC air filters trap dirt and dust, so they don’t enter the system, protecting your indoor air quality. However, the surface gets clogged as time passes. You should replace the air filter regularly, as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual. A general rule of thumb is to check it once a month and change them as needed.

What Furnace Is The Best Type?

The best furnace is one that fits the needs of your home. It should have the correct heating capacity to produce enough warmth for your home. A high AFUE rating is also a must. Most furnaces sold in the US have a rating higher than 80%.

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How Can I Lower My Heating Bill?

One of the biggest expenses in homes is attributed to home heating. Conduct regular heating system maintenance to reduce your bills. It increases the system’s energy efficiency, so it consumes less fuel throughout the winter. It also helps if you set the thermostat to milder temperatures.


How Do I Determine The Size, Or Capacity, Of A Furnace For My Home?

Several factors need to be considered to determine the correct furnace size. Some of these include the regional climate, total floor area of the structure, orientation, insulation, and how much shade your home gets from the trees. Knowledgeable HVAC technicians can perform a Manual J load calculation to get the precise figure.

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How Long Will My New Furnace Last?

Furnace service life differs significantly from one home to the next. Homeowners can expect the new unit to last 15 years or so as long as it is properly taken care of. It should be the right size for your home as well. Consult an HVAC contractor for assistance on furnace sizing estimates if you are unsure.

What Is A Furnace’s AFUE Rating?

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The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio measures a system’s heat generation in relation to its fuel use. A good AFUE rating is a minimum of 80% and, ideally more than 90%. Use the manual to determine how to find the AFUE rating. It is typically printed on the faceplate.

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Furnaces are reliable in providing warmth and comfort during the coldest months of the year for a long time. Their service life can go over 20 years, but homeowners must do their part in the system’s upkeep. This includes monitoring the air filters and replacing them when needed. You should also schedule yearly tune-ups by professionals. This consists of a thorough inspection and cleaning and minor repairs as needed.

If you have an older unit, consider getting a furnace replacement. Frequent breakdowns, poor performance, spiking fuel consumption, and old age are good reasons to get a new heating system. Ensure that the replacement unit is the right size for your house. Have a professional calculate the Manual J load to arrive at the precise heating capacity for your home. It is also ideal to get a high-efficiency unit.

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