Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

A problem suddenly cropping up with your boiler isn’t ideal. After all, only a few situations are more inconvenient than having no heating and hot water in your home. Additionally, exposure to extremely low temperatures is dangerous, especially for the elderly and children. Knowing the common heating problems a boiler may experience helps homeowners to do something about it quickly to help keep the system from failing. This article lists several common boiler problems and the possible reasons behind them. It also includes some potential repairs.

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Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

Here are the top 10 most common boiler problems homeowners may encounter:

Boiler Is Leaking

oxidized boiler pipe due to boiler leak

A leak in the boiler is generally due to an internal component issue. For example, the leak can be due to a pressure relief valve issue, as the system’s pressure may be too high. It can also be because of a pump seal problem wherein there is a worn-out seal.

If the system’s pipes have developed a leak, it can be because of corrosion. Another cause is the way your system was installed. It is advisable that you contact a qualified HVAC technician to find and repair this issue. The HVAC tech may recommend getting a boiler replacement if the leak is due to a particularly severe cause.

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Low Boiler Pressure

The boiler has a built-in pressure gauge that can tell you if its pressure is too low. The ideal pressure level is 1.5 bar. Your boiler cannot operate as it should if it is set below 1.

A failed component or seal, recently bled radiators, or a system leak are some issues that can result in low boiler pressure. Look for visible leak symptoms to help identify the problem. However, never try to remove the casings from the boiler. We recommend calling your trusted HVAC technician if you discover a leak. If you didn’t find a leak, you could attempt to repressurize your boiler if you are comfortable doing so. However, it is still best to let a professional handle it.

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No Heat Or Hot Water Coming From The Boiler

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to boiler heating problems

It can be frustrating when your boiler doesn’t work the way it was designed to, which is to provide heating and hot water to your home. This issue can be because of a faulty thermostat, malfunctioning motorized valves, low pressure, and damaged system diaphragms and airlocks.

Check if the pressure gauge is below 1 to determine if low pressure is the cause of this problem. The boiler needs to be repressurized if it is below 1. The intermittent heating and hot water may also be due to a thermostat issue. Check its manufacturer guide to find a solution. If there isn’t any, call the manufacturer to assist you.

If these suggestions don’t help, call a licensed HVAC contractor. Keep in mind that a professional is needed to repair issues like a malfunctioning diaphragm or a broken motorized valve.

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Frozen Condensate Pipe

This problem is a common one, especially during the colder seasons. The condensate pipe’s job is to transport the condensate from the boiler to the outdoor drain. The condensate can freeze during cold weather, causing a blockage. This is common in houses where the condensate pipe is fitted outside or in an unheated area like the garage. A blockage in the pipe can lead to the condensate backing up into the boiler, leading to system breakdown.

Fortunately, this issue has a quick and easy fix that you can do yourself. Often, a long-term solution for a frozen condensate pipe is to lag or insulate the pipe.


Boiler Not Responding To Thermostat

Are the clocks going backward or forwards recently (Daylight saving time)? Make sure that the thermostat is the same as the new time. If your boiler doesn’t respond at all to your thermostat, it may have old or faulty controls. You can do a few checks to ensure your thermostat isn’t completely broken.

First, replace the batteries. This may seem obvious, but it is a commonly overlooked issue. Try repositioning the thermostat closer to the boiler as well. Check if anything is interfering with its signal. If the thermostat problems persist, check the instructions booklet for recommendations or call the manufacturer for help.

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Boiler Radiator Faults

image of an hvac contractor repairing a radiator

An accumulation of sludge or air in the radiators can cause issues like cold patches. As a result, heat may be distributed unevenly. Cold patches in different areas can indicate various issues. Interestingly, bleeding the radiator can resolve many radiator problems. Determine the reason behind your radiator issue by getting in touch with an experienced HVAC technician in your locality.

Gurgling, Banging, or Whistling Noises Coming From Your Boiler

Boilers normally generate some noise while running, especially as it starts up. However, a qualified HVAC contractor should check a boiler that suddenly makes odd sounds like banging, whistling, or gurgling.

Unusual boiler noises can be from low water pressure, air in the system, or a faulty pump. Another reason is kettling or a build-up of limescale. Call an HVAC expert for help.

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Boiler Pilot Light Keeps Switching Off

Older boilers may be equipped with a permanent pilot light that needs to remain lit to light the larger burner in your boiler. If the light keeps switching off, a malfunctioning thermocouple may be cutting off the fuel supply. Other causes could be a draft blowing the light out or a deposit build-up.

You can relight the pilot light if you are comfortable doing it. Ensure that you follow the boiler manual’s instructions. If you own a gas boiler, ensure its gas stopcock is on before reigniting the pilot. Verify that the gas supply has no issues as well. You can do this by checking other gas appliances. Get in touch with a qualified HVAC technician to assist in resolving this issue.

This problem is more commonly experienced by older boilers. This is because modern systems do not have pilot lights but have an electronic ignition instead. It may be time to get a new boiler installation if the problem with your pilot light persists.


The Boiler Won’t Turn On (No Power)

Check other appliances and power supplies around your home to ensure they work if your boiler unit won’t switch on. If these work, inspect your fuse box for switches that may have failed or tripped. Call a trained contractor for assistance if you cannot pinpoint the cause.

If the boiler switches on but keeps turning off, there could be low pressure or a blockage hindering the system. Check the pressure gauge of your system and repressurize it if it’s below 1. Another option is to call a reliable HVAC technician in your area.

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Boiler Breakdown

If neglected, all the issues in this article can result in a complete boiler breakdown over time. Therefore, call an HVAC contractor right away.

Other reasons boilers can break down beyond repair are inefficiency and age. We recommend investing in a new boiler if you have an old and inefficient one. This way, you get the hot water and heating your household needs. A new and energy-efficient boiler can also help save on your energy expenses!

You should only conduct simple checks with minimum risk on your boiler. Don’t try to perform DIY repairs because this can be extremely dangerous.

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