Variable-Speed Furnaces Can Improve Home Efficiency

Modern furnaces, like the variable-speed furnace, are equipped with various technological innovations, so they can provide unmatched energy efficiency and high indoor comfort. A variable-speed furnace should be your top choice if you’re facing a furnace replacement. Read on to learn more about variable-speed furnaces, including how they can improve your home’s efficiency.

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What Is A Variable-Speed Furnace?

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Variable-speed furnaces can operate at different speeds to increase indoor quality levels. This is made possible by an electronically commutated motor, or ECM, blower motor. The term “variable speed” is thanks to the ECM. It is a direct current (DC) motor that utilizes a motor rotor and inverter that’s built in it. This setup means an ECM is more energy efficient than an alternating current motor. ECMs also generally have cheaper maintenance and operational costs. Therefore, even though the initial cost of a variable-speed furnace is higher than a conventional (single-stage) furnace, a variable-speed one will pay back for itself in a shorter time, typically from four to five years.

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How Do Multi-Speed Furnaces Work?

Advanced HVAC technology has allowed variable-speed furnaces to monitor and analyze your HVAC system’s data so that the required speed adjustments are made automatically. This way, you receive optimal indoor comfort. Variable-speed furnaces also regulate how much air is distributed throughout your home, compensating for dirty filters, blocked vents, and other factors through fan speed adjustments as needed. Unlike their traditional counterpart, variable-speed furnaces take some time to reach full speed. This lets them operate more smoothly and quietly than conventional furnaces. Moreover, they have less energy consumption than conventional furnaces that always run at full speed because variable-speed furnaces only run at full speed when necessary.


How Single-Speed, 2-Stage, & Variable-Speed Furnaces Vary From Each Other

A single-stage furnace always runs at full capacity. It doesn’t factor in the airflow inside the house when running to reach the set temperature in the thermostat. On the other hand, a two-stage furnace operates in low or high phases. The former is its energy conservation mode, wherein the furnace uses as little energy as possible for home heating. The furnace increases its energy use when more heat is needed because of low outdoor temperatures. This prompts it to move to the second phase, which means warm air is circulated evenly throughout your home. A two-stage furnace mostly runs at 25% of its capacity on average. This results in quieter operations and less carbon dioxide production than a single-stage furnace.

Variable-speed furnaces provide higher energy savings and efficiency. It features a computerized blower motor (ECM) that allows variable-speed furnaces to monitor and automatically regulate your home’s airflow. The ECM also lets variable-speed furnaces deliver a more consistent heating output and unmatched energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels.

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Variable-Speed Furnaces Can Improve Home Efficiency

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A variable-speed heating system can distribute heat and humidity in your home as it has precise airflow control capabilities. This lets you enjoy improved indoor comfort levels. Moreover, this furnace consumes around two-thirds less power and performs better than a single-speed furnace. Variable-speed furnaces also have quieter operations because they run at a low capacity most of the time. The speed gradually increases, allowing the variable-speed furnace to minimize air fluctuations.

Variable-speed furnaces usually have smart thermostats, so the blower motor’s speed is automatically controlled. The smart thermostat can be utilized to add zoning to your HVAC unit, letting you heat various areas of your home as needed without wasting energy or obstructing vents, which can result in HVAC system malfunction.

A variable-speed furnace provides better and more precise temperature control in your home. This furnace responds more efficiently to indoor temperature changes because it runs on longer cycles and has varying speeds. This allows it to deliver a consistent hot air supply around your home, reducing the likelihood of warm air building up at the top of rooms.

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Other Benefits Of A High-Efficiency Variable Speed Furnace

Some of the benefits you will receive with a variable-speed furnace are:

  • Clean indoor air – A variable-speed furnace will continuously push air through the HVAC system as long as the blower motor is running. This allows the air filters to capture more pollutants, meaning you can enjoy cleaner and healthier indoor air.
  • Humidity control – Variable-speed heating systems, when compared to single-stage ones, can better control indoor humidity. After all, variable-speed furnaces are more efficient when it comes to getting rid of the excess moisture in the air. This makes them the ideal option to prevent problems linked with high moisture levels inside your home or office, including mold growth and increased allergen concentrations.



A variable-speed furnace features a computer that analyzes and monitors the airflow around your home. It also adjusts the speed of the motor automatically to achieve optimal indoor comfort levels. In comparison to traditional heating systems, a variable-speed system has higher energy efficiency, is environmentally friendly, and offers better and more precise temperature control. Moreover, it is highly durable and less costly to run and maintain.

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