Top Causes For Furnace Rust

There’s a saying that goes: rust never sleeps. This is something true for everything, including your heating system. Rust is a common occurrence in places that have humid climates. However, keep in mind that furnace use also creates temperature imbalances within the system. These can produce some water that will tear down even the most well-built and reliable heating systems.
You can try and extend your system’s lifespan by not using it at all. However, this isn’t an option when you live in a place that is notorious for cold climates. You can delay the day it will happen, but rust will come sooner or later, regardless of what you do. Finding rust in furnace is a more common phenomenon than you think. This article includes a discussion of the usual causes of this problem.

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What Causes Rust In A Furnace?

According to professionals, the three likely causes of rust in your heating system are:

Water Leaks Or High Humidity

image of a furnace that has rust

Humidity, or the amount of water vapor in the air, is the first cause. Some places can be more humid than others as part of their environmental factor. These conditions can be made worse when more water is added into a limited microclimate’s air, like in your home. Water leaks are one of the leading causes in these cases.

Air Conditioner Leaks

The second reason for furnace rust is water leaks from your air conditioner. This type of water leak is directly associated with your heating system. An air conditioning unit creates water as a definite by-product. Most modern A/C systems are centralized, so they are integrated into the furnace ducts. Therefore, it allows air conditioning leaks to go right into your heating unit. This increases the humidity in your home but also creates water pools in inconvenient places.

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Furnace Exhaust Issues

Last is another by-product of your HVAC systems’ operation. The physical process of heat creation in your furnace results in higher ambient humidity. This is because your furnace produces hot air that cools as it escapes the burner. As a result, condensation is created inside the system, leading to rust.

What Are The Risks Of Rusty Furnaces?

All furnaces will rust eventually. It might take 100 years, but rust will win eventually. Fortunately, you can do something to ensure that the day rust arrives happens far into the future instead of the next few years. The most crucial thing is to have a watchful eye on your furnace.

How To Avoid Furnace Rust

Below, we discuss some of the ways to prevent rust buildup in your furnace.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

annual furnace tune-up service

Furnace maintenance that’s done once a year is critical. It is a reasonably-priced service that is far more economical than getting a heating system replacement. Annual inspections include an HVAC professional checking your system for rust. This way, you can be sure of your furnace’s safety and performance.

Clogged Burner Jets

Rust will lead to the degradation of your system’s performance. Clogged burner jets make your system less efficient. It also leads to the consumption of more fuel to produce the same amount of heat. The inefficient burning can also cause hazardous carbon monoxide gas to elevate at extreme levels.

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Furnace Fuel Supply Lines

Rust can result in fuel supply line failure. This can lead to a dangerous fire or create an explosion hazard in your home. You might have seen video footage in your local news where a home or business has been reduced to a smoldering pile of wreckage.

This is the danger that rust in your system poses to your home. It is more than just the ugly orange streaks found on the cabinet’s exterior, as it creates a real hazard to your family. Once you’ve noticed that there are rust streaks on your unit’s exterior, its interior might have already been damaged entirely.

Repair Furnace Issues Promptly

image of the words now and later depicting furnace repairAside from ensuring that you keep up with annual inspections, you also need to repair all furnace problems expeditiously. Yearly inspections can tell you the reason for rust buildup in your system. These conditions should be removed or lessened quickly and as far as possible. When this is taken care of, any damaged parts in your system should be fixed as well.

Bear in mind that not all systems can be salvaged. Some professionals could do it, but the necessary cost to bring the unit back to its peak performance might not be worth it. An older system at its highest efficiency level is still typically less efficient than a new system that isn’t running at peak efficiency. You might not be able to know these factors unless you talk to an HVAC expert.

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Take Advantage of Expert Professional Advice

HVAC contractors understand that every homeowner has different circumstances. They will lay out the cost-benefit ratios so that it is easy to understand, and you can select which one best fits your wants and needs. It is important to remember that keeping rust away leaves you with a lot more options to choose from. When rust has already taken hold of your unit, your options can narrow down until only a complete replacement is the only option left because of safety concerns.

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