Wi-Fi Thermostats for Oil Heat Homes

In the average American household, heating and cooling make up about 50 percent of all energy use. The type of thermostat you have installed has a surprisingly significant impact on how much energy you consume and how effective your oil heating system is. To make your oil boiler or oil-fired furnace more efficient, you should have a Wi-Fi thermostat installed. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can automate your settings and have far greater control over both the climate and the temperature of your home. Ultimately, it allows you to enjoy lower energy costs. In addition to automation and temperature control, having a Wi-Fi thermostat installed can provide many other benefits.

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The Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats for Homes That Use Heating Oil

The following are nine additional benefits that oil heat users can enjoy when switching to Wi-Fi thermostats.

1. Control and Adjust Your Oil Heating Thermostat from Any Location

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If you’ve ever wanted to reduce your thermostat setting before leaving for work but have forgotten to do so, then you know how frustrating it is to have your heating system needlessly using energy all day. If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat, this is an issue you won’t have to contend with because you’ll be able to remotely control your thermostat. After having installed the dedicated app on your mobile phone, you’ll be able to control your thermostat using your mobile phone from just about any location, just as long as you’ve got an active Internet connection.

2. A Wi-Fi Thermostat Can Limit Your Energy and Heating Oil Costs

According to the United States Department of Energy or the DOE, it’s possible to reduce your energy costs by as much as 10 percent by merely setting your home thermostat just 10 degrees lower when you go to bed or when you leave the home. Naturally, your heating system won’t have to work as hard, using less heating oil in the process. Also, because your Wi-Fi thermostat will allow you to use your phone to make these changes, doing so will be easy.

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3. Enjoy Easy Controls and Intuitive Displays

Smart thermostats usually have intuitive and brightly lit displays that make reading data a cinch. These controls can also have dials, buttons, or highly responsive touchscreens. Operating a Wi-Fi thermostat is just as easy as using your smartphone.

4. Get Helpful Metrics on Oil Heating for Your Home

image of homeowner using phone to determine nergy use and wi-fi thermostat

There are metrics and data that you won’t be able to get with a dial thermostat or a programmable thermostat that a smart, Wi-Fi thermostat will supply. Through the thermostat app on your phone, you’ll get helpful energy consumption statistics for your household and information on your behaviors over time. This is data that you can use to refine your thermostat adjustments for lower energy and optimum home comfort. Moreover, if you want to know how much energy you’ve saves over a specific amount of time or want a reading of indoor humidity levels, this is also information that a Wi-Fi thermostat will provide.

5. Multiple Thermostats Throughout Many Different Locations

If you own and maintain several different homes, you know just how costly and tedious this can sometimes be. Making sure that each oil-powered heater in every unit is efficient can be tough too. A smart thermostat can definitely prove helpful to this end. Wi-Fi thermostats make it possible to remotely manage the indoor climate of every home using a single, Internet-enabled device like your smartphone.

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6. Get Timely Reminders for Oil HVAC Maintenance

A heater that’s well-maintained will be more efficient, provide better airflow, enhance the safety of your home, and lower your heating bills. Thus, it is important to ensure that your heater is in good condition at all times. These efforts can be made much easier with the help of a Wi-Fi thermostat. For example, this unit can determine the perfect schedule for oil furnace maintenance, and it can also set and send reminders for this service.

7. Get Updates on the Local Weather

Weather can also have an impact on the efficiency and performance of your oil-powered heater. For example on relatively warm days, your living environment will stay comfortable even with a lower thermostat setting. However, on days that are much colder, your oil heating system will need to be cranked up. As such, you have to adjust your thermostat settings according to the current weather. When temperatures shift, a Wi-Fi thermostat can track changes by showing local wither on a prominent display or by sending updates to your phone. This is information that can be used to adjust your thermostat as needed, and to save cash.

8. Customized Schedules for Oil Heating

image of a wi-fi thermostat for fuel oil heating system

For optimum efficiency, a thermostat should have the ability to accommodate lifestyle changes. You can customize your schedule for oil heating with a smart thermostat according to your daily schedule and your lifestyle. If you want a lower temperature setting at your Wi-Fi thermostat while you’re gone for work, this is something that you can program so that the thermostat automatically lowers the temperature setting for you. If you want to come home to a nice, warm building, you can have the thermostat raise its temperature setting during your drive home.

9. Integrate Your Wi-Fi Thermostat With Other Devices

Smart technology is becoming increasingly prevalent and smarter devices are being added to homes almost everywhere. Your smart thermostat can be seamlessly connected to other smart home devices including Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Integrating with other smart devices allows you to use voice commands to turn the heater on or to adjust temperature settings – you can even establish custom commands to set heating schedules by voice. There are many possibilities that come with integrating smart devices and your Wi-Fi thermostat.

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Final Word

To maintain a comfortable home while keeping your energy bills low, think about having a smart thermostat put in. A Wi-Fi thermostat will provide a very impressive range of benefits including all of the benefits mentioned above. In addition to a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, you should also seek out a reputable oil supplier like Tevis Energy. If you live in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, place your order today and we’ll deliver your home heating oil fast and at the most competitive price.

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