What Happens If I Let My Tank Run Out Of Propane?

Millions of homes are reliant upon propane for energy generation, heating, and cooking. Propane is both economical and efficient. This fuel is certainly more affordable than electricity in many areas throughout the nation. Moreover, as far as safety is concerned, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about when you use it safely. If you have a few odd developments occur like an empty propane tank, take the time to assess the system and then cautiously move forward.

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Why Does Propane Reduction Sometimes Suddenly Occur?

1. Poor Propane Management

Propane shouldn’t run out when homes are reliant upon this fuel all of the time. More often than not, poor management of propane supplies is the cause. Maybe a household’s chosen fuel supplier was unable to schedule a delivery at the necessary time. Severe weather may have kept them from sending delivery trucks out. There are also times when increased consumption is the culprit due to greater numbers of occupants in the home or temperatures that are colder than normal. It might be that you simply forgot to check the level of your propane and failed to schedule a propane fuel delivery when your residential propane tank was 30 percent full or lower. No matter what the case may be, not having propane in your tank is a serious issue.

2. Your Propane Tank Has A Leak

image of rotten egg smell due to propane tank lank

You should definitely be watchful for the signs of a propane tank leak. This is a serious issue and one that could lead to an explosion. Given the hazards, this naturally odorless fuel is treated with an additive that gives it a distinctive, rotten egg smell. This quickly alerts residents when a gas leak occurs. Then, they’re able to avert disaster by leaving the vicinity, identifying the source of the leak, turning the electricity off, and preventing sparks or other ignition sources from getting near the tank.

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Why Is Running Out Of Propane A Bad Thing?

1. Property Damages

image of a burst water pipe

If you’re using propane for your home heating needs, then it isn’t possible to run out of it. There won’t be any way to keep your pipes from freezing and from ultimately bursting as the ice expands. All burst pipes throughout your home will need to be replaced. Repairs like these are both time-consuming and costly. This is one of the top reasons why empty propane tanks need to be refilled right away. You cannot afford to waste time as your home will be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

2. Issues Refilling Propane Tanks

If you notice that your propane tank is empty after it’s just been recently refilled, it’s important to have your tank inspected right away to find out if a leak exists. There’s no good reason to buy more propane only to have it continue leaking out. Make sure that the gas valves and lines are tightly closed before scheduling refill service. This will ensure that all new gas stays right inside of the tank where it should.

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3. Propane Tank Corrosion

image of rust inside residential propane tank

As far as the tank itself goes, moisture can enter this unit to cause corrosion to form at its interiors. Weakened tank walls will have leaks and holes that can lead to widespread property damage. Once rust forms, it cannot be stopped. Rusty tanks need to be removed and replaced for safety reasons. Corrosion can sometimes mask the distinctive rotten egg smell of propane, thereby making it more challenging to identify a potentially dangerous gas leak. By the time a gas leak is known, propane may have already entered and moved through the entire building.

4. Propane Appliances That Don’t Work

As propane runs out, you won’t have the ability to power up the different home appliances and systems that you rely on. If you use propane to heat the living environment, then your home will be incredibly cold, particularly at night. Likewise, if you rely on propane for cooking, you won’t be able to get the burner flames on your stove going. If your generator is fueled by propane, nothing that’s connected to your generator will work. Your baths and showers will be cold. The food that you’ve stored in your refrigerator and freezer will spoil.

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5. Having Your Propane Tank Inspected

By federal law, homeowners are required to schedule a propane tank inspection if they run out of fuel. You must call a qualified technician in to look for leaks given that untrained eyes aren’t always able to identify these problems. This includes setting an appointment for an inspection up, waiting for your chosen technician to arrive, and then paying all related service fees.

6. Emergency Propane Deliveries

image of an empty propane tank and propane tank gauge

Propane deliveries are typically scheduled on weekdays. If you ever require propane delivery on a holiday or over the weekend, expect to pay additional money for an emergency propane delivery service. An emergency propane leak check will likely cost extra as well. Notwithstanding these additional charges, the money is well-worth spending so that further property damage and additional inconvenience are averted.

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Strategies To Avoid Running Out Of Fuel

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Due to the headaches and extra spending resulting from letting your propane tank run empty, it’s obviously far better to take steps to ensure that this never actually happens. Periodically monitor the fuel levels in your tank so that you have a clear idea of what’s going on. This can be accomplished manually by simply checking the dial, but you might not be able to access this dial during times of especially inclement weather. You may even get inaccurate numbers if the dial has broken.

If your supplier is handling all aspects of tank monitoring, then be sure to provide your fuel supplier with important data like projected delivery dates and usage estimates. You can also ask for preventative measures such as a yearly tank inspection. If you live in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, get in touch with Tevis Energy.

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