What You Need To Know About Buying A Home With Propane Heat

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A new homeowner should understand many things about a house and its inner workings, especially if they purchase a new one. Some of the essential factors include where the house is located, the general prices of the homes in the neighborhood, and the home’s condition. They also need to think about anything that needs fixing around the house or if any changes should be made with the décor.

There is also another aspect homeowners should think of, and that is propane. Propane is a cheap way to power appliances and heat your home. It can save you money and is safe to use as long as you use it properly. Therefore, if you are eyeing a house that uses propane, this article has all the things you need to know. We discuss propane tanks, propane delivery services, and the various advantages of using propane heat.

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The Advantages Of Using Propane In Your Home

A house fitted with a propane tank offers a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

Costs Of Propane

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Electricity is a precious and limited resource. It might be what you are using now to keep your home warm. However, with the prices skyrocketing, it can put a strain on your pocket. Propane costs can help reduce your home utility bills. It is a cheaper and eco-friendlier option. Click the button below to call to find the low propane delivery prices we offer!

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Expected Lifespan Of A Propane Tank

Taking proper care of a propane tank means you can expect it to last for up to 15 years. If the house you want to buy has a tank already installed in it, ask how long it’s been since it was installed. Also, have a professional check the tank as well. Search for “propane delivery companies near me” or “residential propane delivery near me” to find a reliable delivery company in your area. For those in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, call Tevis Energy.

Propane And Its Many Uses

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Propane has many different applications. Most people are aware that it keeps their homes warm and comfortable. However, they might not know about propane-powered appliances, such as your oven. This is another money-saving feature you can get with a propane tank. Remember that for this to work, you might have to get an upgrade on some of your appliances. Be sure to talk to Tevis Energy.

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Environmentally-Friendly Fuel Source

Compared to other traditional heating forms, propane is less risky to use. It emits very minimal carbon emissions, so there is no harm in using propane. It also has virtually no risk of contaminating the water and the ground. This makes propane a great place to start if you wish to have a more environmentally friendly home.

Essential Questions To Ask About Propane & Propane Heat

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When the house you want to buy has a propane tank, you might wonder what questions to ask. Do not fret, as we have listed some of the crucial questions you need to ask and what to check out.

Does The Home Have A Programmable Thermostat?

Check to see if the heating system and tank are connected to a programmable thermostat. It can typically be found in your house. If there isn’t one, you can get one installed easily. This device can help you save money on your heating bills, so it is recommended that you have one installed.

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What Propane Appliances Are There In The Home?

Many appliances can be connected to your propane tank. Therefore, you need to make sure which ones are and aren’t when you’re buying a new home. Consider what appliances you need to bring in the house and determine if they will work with propane or if they need to be upgraded.


What Is The Propane Tank Size?

Ask about the size of the propane tank in the house. Having big or small tanks offer their own advantages and disadvantages. However, more appliances in the home mean that a larger tank is required. Knowing the propane tank’s size is also needed when you get it refilled.

Is The Propane Tank Above Or Belowground?

Find out if the propane tank is above or below ground. A propane tank that is buried underground means you have more space. On the other hand, if it is located aboveground, the house is likely fitted with a larger tank. Other than these, there are not many differences between them.

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Ask For The Propane Tank’s Maintenance Records

If there is a propane tank outside of the house you’re buying, remember to ask for propane tank maintenance records. It is also recommended to have a professional inspect the propane tank and the heating system connected to it, even if you have the maintenance records. Look for “propane delivery service near me” to find your local, trusted propane suppliers. For those in central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, call Tevis Energy.

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