Why Is My Electric Bill So High In The Summer?

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You might have noticed an increase in your electric bills during the hot weather. An increase is expected but when it is more than normal, it will leaving you questioning, “Why is my electric bill so high in the summer?”.

Remember that our bills reflect our household’s consumption. Therefore, it could be that the appliances and other equipment in our house are using more power than you realize. This is most likely because they are trying to keep up with the scorching weather outside. However, other reasons might be behind this increase as well.

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Common Reasons For Spikes In Summer Electric Bills

Read on to find out the possible causes for the seasonal spike in your electric bills.

1. Pushing The Air Conditioner Hard All Day

An air conditioner helps you stay comfortable during the summer. It absorbs the indoor heat and releases it outside during the cooling cycle. It continues this until the set temperature is achieved. If you set the temperature at an extremely low setting, your air conditioning system works harder and longer. It utilizes a lot of energy so consider if you need that much cooling power to have a comfortable home.

2. Using An Old Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners can be costly. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that homeowners want to use them for a long time to ensure they make the most out of them. However, old HVAC systems are more likely to be inefficient because of worn-out components. They consume more power to cool your home, especially when compared to a new air conditioner.

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3. Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioners require regular HVAC maintenance. This will ensure that they function at optimal levels at all times. It includes regular air filter replacement, cleaning the vents, coils, and other components, and a thorough checkup. An HVAC technician will inspect the compressor, refrigerant, and other parts of the system for any issues. Have a professional conduct HVAC maintenance at least once a year. Remember that an air conditioner that is poorly maintained will likely have a higher energy consumption.

4. Having Power-Hungry Lights

efficient lightbulb

Check the wattage of the bulbs around your house. Having high-wattage lightbulbs comes with the consumption of more power. Advancements in technologies allow us to light our homes using less energy. You might also have the wrong kinds of light fixtures in different parts of your house. Make sure that you switch off the lights as well when they are no longer needed.

5. Allowing Cold Air To Escape

Carefully inspect your house’s perimeter. There might be holes and cracks along the walls where the cool air can escape, causing air drafts. Check around windows and external doors for gaps as well. These cause conditioned air loss, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to make up for it.

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6. Forgetting To Unplug Devices

Unused devices that are plugged into sockets can consume a lot of power. For instance, you might leave phone chargers, televisions, and kitchen appliances plugged throughout the day. They still consume energy this way, so it is recommended that you unplug them when not in use.


7. Using Appliances Inefficiently

Be mindful of your appliance usage. For example, instead of ironing clothes every day, iron them all at once during weekends. Run the washing machine and dishwasher at full capacity to maximize efficiency as well.

How To Bring Down Your Summer Energy Bill

Here are some of the things you can do to lower your energy consumption during this season:

1. Get An Air Conditioner Tune-Up

image of an hvac contractor performing air conditioner tune-up

One of the biggest contributors to the spiking energy bills is the cooling system. To lower your energy costs, make sure you call a professional HVAC technician to schedule an AC tune-up. They can help enhance your system’s operation and efficiency level. It is recommended that your system receive maintenance at least once a year. An annual HVAC maintenance contract can help you, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule and other benefits that come with this type of service.

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2. Use Milder Thermostat Settings

If you find yourself shivering or wearing a sweatshirt around the house, you probably set the temperature too low. Your air conditioner shouldn’t have to work harder than necessary. Input milder thermostat settings instead so that your cooling unit does not strain to reach its target temperature.

3. Seal Doors And Windows

image of a homeowner sealing window to prevent cooled air from escaping

Seal the gaps, cracks, and holes across the external walls of your house. Do this as soon as you can. You can buy products from hardware stores that will allow you to do this easily. You can also have your local, trusted HVAC technician find problematic energy-loss areas using their advanced tools. Their years of experience will help them do this faster and with better results.

4. Avoid Heat-Generating Activities

Some household activities generate significant heat, including ironing and cooking food. These add a burden to your air conditioner that’s already straining with cooling your home. Try doing most of your heat-generating activities when it’s not as hot out yet. Consider moving some of these tasks outdoors as well. For instance, you can try grilling in your backyard for lunch instead of cooking in your kitchen.

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5. Close The Curtains

Light-colored blinds and curtains reflect light. Therefore, consider using them instead of dark-colored ones. Install them close to your window panes and keep them closed during the day. This way, the solar heat is kept out of your house. It is important to remember to do so every morning in the eastern section of your home and the western side every early afternoon. For better results, use insulated shades as well.


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