Why You Should Call A Professional For Your Furnace Repair

A furnace breakdown in the middle of the coldest months of the year is the last thing you want in your home. Heating units are generally built to be durable. However, they will wear down with regular use and age. Issues may also start showing prematurely if the system doesn’t receive regular furnace maintenance.

Some homeowners conduct do-it-yourself repairs or call their friendly neighborhood handyman to resolve problems. This only causes more problems. Read on to understand why it is better to call a professional furnace repair company to resolve your furnace issues and how this will save you more money down the line.

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Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional HVAC Repair Company

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Here are some of the signs you should watch out for when your furnace needs professional attention:

Overheating Furnace

A furnace that overheats likely has a clogged filter. It is equipped with an air filtration system that captures airborne particles like dust and dirt. The filter becomes thick with a layer of dust, making it harder for the system to have proper airflow. Therefore, the furnace works harder to produce the set temperatures.

The heat exchanger can also get damaged from overheating. This is one of the most expensive furnace components to repair. Avoid this problem and prevent overheating issues with your furnace by regularly cleaning or changing your clogged filter.

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Faulty Thermostat

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Thermostats indicate the temperature the furnace generates. A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common symptoms of an improperly working furnace. Check the thermostat settings if you experience any heat issues. The setting should be on HEAT and the fan set to AUTO. The temperature setting should be set correctly as well.

A thermostat that shows incorrect temperatures may be dirty or dusty. Older thermostats that do not receive proper upkeep tend to display inaccurate temperatures. Switch the thermostat off and clean any dust and dirt using a dry brush. You can use a contact cleaner for electronics to eliminate rust if you find corroded areas. Ensure that the thermostat is away from direct sunlight, heat-generating appliances, and other heat sources.

HVAC Ductwork Damage

Damaged ductwork can be the cause of your problematic furnace. The ducts distribute the warm air throughout your home. A crack, gap, or damaged ductwork component can result in a leak wherein the heated air can escape. This impacts the furnace efficiency and can cause temperatures to fluctuate around your home. Severe ductwork damage can mean your furnace cannot heat your home correctly.

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Dangers Of Dealing With Faulty Gas-Fired Furnaces

A gas leak is the most common and dangerous issue a gas-fired furnace has. The gas can be hazardous to humans and pets. Carbon monoxide, methane, and other gasses can severely impact your health, and prolonged exposure can even lead to death.

There is also the risk of electric shock, fire, and explosion, so you must never conduct DIY furnace repairs. Professionals are trained to inspect and handle HVAC systems properly. So they are better trained to repair your furnace safely and correctly.

What A Professional HVAC Contractor Can Offer You

Listed below are some of the pros of hiring a licensed HVAC professional to repair your faulty furnace:

More Savings

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A professional HVAC technician can do furnace inspections to determine issues correctly. They can also do repairs safely. This ensures that all repairs and replacements are appropriate for the system you have at home. Poorly or incorrectly done repairs, which can happen if an untrained individual repairs the system, can cause more damage to your furnace. As a result, you have to pay more for further repairs and replacements.

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Necessary Skills

An HVAC professional has enhanced their skills throughout the years. This is necessary as it lets them conduct the job correctly and safely. Furnaces are specialized equipment that needs specific skills and knowledge for maintenance and repair.

More Secure Home

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Safe repairs are crucial for your home’s safety. Errors in the repair process or wrong components used can expose your household to physical harm like gas emission, fire, and explosion. Call a professional technician right away if you notice a problem with your furnace system.

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Minimal Work Time

Experienced techs have a set of procedures to follow to determine and repair problems with your system. This allows them to find and fix the issue promptly. You won’t be inconvenienced by someone who doesn’t know how to do the job correctly.

Better Warranties

hvac warranty

The warranty of HVAC systems typically stipulates that they need to be serviced by a licensed HVAC contractor. The manufacturer’s warranty becomes void if you or another uncertified individual tries repairing your furnace. Therefore, hiring a reliable HVAC contractor ensures that the warranty doesn’t become void. A reputable HVAC company stands by its work and provides you with a guarantee on all the work they conduct.

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It can be inconvenient to have a faulty furnace, so it is pointless to let someone without proper training to fix it. Call your trusted HVAC technician to prevent serious damage to your heating system seriously and save money on repairs and replacements. They will assist you with your HVAC issues and provide you with the best possible solutions so that you have a winter-ready home.

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