Five Reasons To Give Your Home Furnace An Annual Tune-up

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One of the most effective ways to improve the lifespan of your home heating equipment is by having an annual furnace tune-up. If you don’t have a functional furnace, your home won’t stay sufficiently warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. Beyond making your furnace last a lot longer, however, a tune-up can provide a very diverse range of important benefits.

The following are five reasons to set up your annual furnace tune-up right now.

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Why Does My Furnace Need A Tune-Up?

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Whether you need to have an oil furnace or a gas furnace tuned up, tune-up service will boost the all-around safety and efficiency of your home heating equipment. Whenever you turn your heater on, you can trust that the resulting performance will be seamless. Furthermore, it won’t have a negative impact on the health or safety of any residents.

It’s also important to note that this yearly service is often a key requirement of the typical furnace warranty. Warranties are agreements supplied by equipment manufacturers. They guarantee coverage for replacement and repair costs whenever problems develop as the result of faulty parts or poor workmanship.

If you are diligent about maintaining your furnace, the fault for specific problems can be easily assigned to the heater manufacturer. This is all the more true when the equipment or any of its various components breakdown before the anticipated lifespan of the furnace is reached. Due to this fact, regular furnace maintenance can ensure that your warranty isn’t voided.

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Preventative Maintenance For Your Furnace

When performing a standard furnace tune-up, there are several things that an HVAC professional will do.

At the beginning of this service, a complete furnace inspection will be performed by your provider. This task aims to obtain more information about the state of this equipment and each of its components. After this inspection has been completed, your provider can replace any worn or damaged parts as needed. This includes changing dirty filters,  taking steps to limit wear, and improve overall efficiency.

The performance of furnace maintenance can be documented so that this record can be shared with the product manufacturer as needed. This document can come in handy when submitting any warranty repair request.

When you set up a tune-up service for your furnace, the frequency of this care will ultimately be determined by the amount that you use this equipment. You will additionally need to account for the requirements for preventative maintenance and servicing that are recorded in the associated warranty.

In most cases, furnaces will need a tune-up just once each year. This is a service that’s best to schedule during the early portion of fall, just before you start relying on your heater regularly to keep the house warm all winter long.

Is The Cost Of A Furnace Tune-Up Worthwhile?

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Many homeowners find the seemingly unending list of home maintenance projects to be quite daunting. Although the costs of a furnace tune-up might seem like a burdensome addition to this list, spending on this service can actually save you a bit of cash going forward.

When you think about the average cost of replacing your furnace, you’ll find that the costs of a furnace tune-up and other essential maintenance are more than worthwhile. Take a look at the following five benefits of paying for an annual furnace tune-up:

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1. Your Utility Bills Will Drop

After you’ve had a furnace tune-up performed, you will find that it’s far less expensive to heat your home. Services like these ensure that your furnace continues to be just as efficient as it was when first purchased it. During the colder months of winter, you won’t have to use as much energy to keep everyone in the home warm. More importantly, not only will this limit your spending on home heating costs, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

2. Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Will Improve

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One benefit of having a yearly furnace tune-up performed is an improvement in the IAQ of your home. During a tune-up, your furnace will have its filter changed and the technician will also eliminate accumulations of dust, dirt, and debris from inside components. This means that the air being discharged from the registers will be free of contaminants and much cleaner. This is especially beneficial for members of the household who struggle with allergies, asthma, and any other respiratory ailments.

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3. Maintain Your Current Furnace For Far Longer

In order to get truly optimum value from any furnace that you put in, you want to ensure that this equipment can last throughout its entire anticipated lifespan. With routine inspections, regular maintenance, and professional service, you can accomplish this. Your HVAC technician will have the ability to identify and resolve small-sized problems before they have the chance to get much larger and more complex. Build-ups of debris that cause furnaces to work harder than they were designed for will also be removed during these efforts.

4. Learn More About Your Furnace And Its Current Condition

With these services, homeowners are able to remain current on the condition of their furnaces and any new developments. This can be especially helpful if you are unsure of the age and history of the furnace that you currently have in place. Your provider can offer you an estimate of the age of the furnace, and of its probable remaining lifespan. This will allow you to get ready for any furnace replacement project that you might have to pay for in the future.


5. Keep Everyone In The Home Safe

Beyond saving you money, regular tune-up services, maintenance, and inspections can actually save lives. That’s because this equipment produces heat by burning fuel. Consequently, it produces some manner of exhaust along the way. If your furnace ever develops a leaky exhaust line, carbon monoxide gas can enter the living environment. Making sure that all components are intact and working as they should can help stave a variety of life-threatening issues off.

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What Will Your Furnace Tune-Up Include?

Your provider will start by inspecting and cleaning the entire furnace inside and out. Reputable HVAC companies always follow detailed tune-up checklists during furnace service. This checklist is specific to the brand and model that you own.

After everything has been diligently cleaned and gone over, all components that are worn or damaged can be replaced. These replacement parts will provide higher levels of both safety and efficiency. The technician will also lubricate the system to keep it functioning optimally.

By documenting your tune-up service, HVAC technicians can provide solid evidence that you’ve been careful to perform the maintenance that your warranty requires. This documentation can also be helpful for homeowners. It gives them the chance to start getting ready for replacements by estimating the remaining lifespan of this equipment.


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