What Happens When You Skip Furnace Tune-Ups?

Maintenance is needed to ensure that all your machines and equipment continue to operate at optimal levels. This includes your furnace. It is recommended that an HVAC technician conduct annual furnace maintenance so that your heating system remains reliable for a long time. Most homeowners know of this, but many still neglect to do so year after year. It could be because they forget to schedule it or skip it purposely to save on cost. After all, they are content to leave it as long as they see nothing wrong with it. However, they do not realize that failing to have their system checked annually can result in several problems as time passes.

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What Happens When You Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance?

Read on to find out what will happen when you skip your annual furnace tune-up.

Failure To Address Furnace Problems Early On

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A homeowner might not have the trained eye an HVAC expert has to spot any developing issues with their furnace. Professionals can spot the signs others might miss as they have extensive experience when it comes to these problems. Getting the heating system problem diagnosed early means that it is remedied early as well. Technicians conduct the necessary procedure to keep the issue from getting worse. This way, the repair is most likely quick, easy, and affordable to fix. For instance, your furnace might need cleaning, a filter replacement, and the like. Keep in mind that regular furnace maintenance helps prevent major breakdowns and the need for costly repair.

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Furnace Breakdowns

feeling cold due to failing heating system

The worn-out components of your heating system can be causing the unit to break down. As a result, the system won’t operate efficiently and effectively. It will not provide sufficient heat to keep your home warm and comfortable. The faulty parts need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Otherwise, they might affect other components and escalate the problem. This will significantly reduce your system’s service life. Furnaces typically last for 10 to 15 years but neglecting furnace maintenance can cut this short. You will be forced to replace your furnace prematurely.

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High Home Heating Costs

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An HVAC system that does not receive annual maintenance will find it harder to provide your home with the level of heating needed to keep your home comfortable. The furnace will strain to achieve the set temperatures, using more energy in the process. The increased energy consumption will lead to a spike in your energy bills. Homeowners who skip maintenance because they think it saves them money end up spending more over time because they’ll have higher heating costs. The increase could be gradual, but it can be huge and sudden at times. Invest in heating maintenance to avoid these high heating costs.

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Fire Risks Due To Faulty Heating Systems

A furnace that isn’t maintained regularly can become a fire hazard. It is rare for heating systems to spark fires, but it can still happen. Therefore, it is best to take it seriously. Most of the time, the fire is caused by frayed wires. With maintenance, a professional will inspect the wirings of your system to ensure they are in tiptop shape. Any potentially dangerous situations are corrected right away. This way, you can use your heating system more confidently and without fear that it might suddenly catch fire. Professional maintenance can ensure a safer home for you and your family.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

woman sneezing due to poor indoor air quality

The air passing through your system is riddled with contaminants, such as dust, pollen, dirt, bacteria, mold, and the like. The air filters in your system trap these impurities to enhance your indoor air quality. However, these filters can get clogged as time passes, making them less effective in purifying the air. The particulates get distributed throughout the house and cause allergies or respiratory problems among the vulnerable. They can also get into the unit’s components and affect the system’s efficiency. Since your family’s health and well-being are on the line, you should never neglect your furnace maintenance.

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Lower Levels Of Comfort

A new heating system provides consistent heating throughout your house to ensure optimum comfort. This means occupants will be protected from the winter chill wherever they are in the house. However, you might notice uneven temperatures around your home as time passes. These lower comfort levels could be because of an aging system. However, the culprit is more likely blocked vents. Regular maintenance ensures that the ventilation system is cleaned thoroughly to prevent clogs. Leaks will also be repaired immediately to maintain proper  .

Void A Furnace Warranty

hvac warrantyWarranties help homeowners with repairing or replacing faulty systems for free or at a low cost. This way, you prevent financial shock from sudden system breakdowns. However, the warranty will only remain intact if you do your part of the contract.

Most warranties specify that professional maintenance is a must for the warranty to stay intact. Otherwise, the manufacturer can void the warranty. It is recommended to book annual tune-ups for your furnace. Make sure to keep the records for future reference. The manufacturer might ask for proof of maintenance, so it is best to have everything you need ready.


When To Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up

The best time to schedule your furnace maintenance is every fall. This is when we still have mild weather and short queues. Do not wait until winter arrives to book your furnace tune-up. Contact your local, trusted HVAC contractor today to book an annual visit.

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