Signs Your Oil Boiler Needs Servicing Or Replacing

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Oil-fired boilers are one of the most effective ways you can keep your home safe and warm during the winter season. It offers quiet operation and high comfort as long as all components are in tiptop shape. However, unlike forced-air systems, radiant heating ones are not equipped with a quick burst capability. Fortunately, they have longer lifespans and can provide consistent heating to your home. It can also ensure that the air in your home does not dry out.

If you have a heating oil system that is not functioning at maximum efficiency, it will not heat your home as fast. Furthermore, it can be expensive to maintain the level of warmth you need. If you neglect the problem, you are also likely to experience uneven heating, or it might fail to heat your home at all.

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Signs Your Oil Boiler Needs Servicing Or Replacing

This article includes a discussion of the signs that suggest you need to call a professional for an oil boiler replacement or repair.

Boiler Is Not Properly Heating Your Home

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One of the usual signs that something is wrong with your boiler is it provides uneven heating around your home. When this happens, your boiler likely needs maintenance, if not replaced. Keep in mind that your boiler also needs regular maintenance so that it can operate at optimum efficiency.

Your boiler does not need a lot of upkeep to ensure that it can provide you with the warmth and comfort your household needs. You only need to have its filter changed regularly and have a licensed HVAC technician conduct annual maintenance on it. If you have been delaying doing these, now is the best time to do it.

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Boiler Corrosion & Mineral Build-Up

A boiler system heats water and circulates it throughout your house via pipes. Like any other machine, your boiler is susceptible to rust. It is at work all day, every day. It can wreak havoc on your system and become the cause behind two of the biggest telltale signs that your system needs to be checked by a professional.

Rust in the pipes can cause seepage. If this is not detected and repaired immediately, the seepage can turn into a bigger problem. The boiling hot water might get released all at once and flood your home.

Rust can also cause mineral build-ups. These can cause pipes to clog and prevent hot water from circulating throughout your house. The reduced circulatory capacity will cause you to crank up your thermostat to try and see if this will solve the issue. However, this will only lead to higher fuel consumption. You will still have no heat in your home until the clog is removed.

Boiler Inefficiency

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A boiler that does not efficiently burn fuel is another sign that there is something wrong with your boiler. Check to see if the burner flame has a more yellow tint instead of blue. Keep in mind that the flame should be predominantly blue as this indicates a clean burn and no excess gases are pumped into your home. However, a mostly yellow boiler flame means that the oil is not burned completely.

There are a lot of unburned residues that escape the system as soot and toxic gases. These residues can cause system blockages and cause boiler inefficiency.

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Boiler Age

Modern boiler systems are made to be more efficient than older models. Therefore, if you are still using an old oil-fuel boiler system, it might be time to consider getting a new one. You will see an immediate improvement in your home comfort. You will also notice a significant drop in your fuel consumption every month. Therefore, a new boiler system is an excellent investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself over time.


Noisy Boiler Operation

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The final sign that you are experiencing boiler problems is when you hear new noises from your system. If you notice hissing or gurgling sounds that you have never heard before, have your boiler checked by a professional immediately. These sounds can be a clear indicator that your boiler needs help, so do it before the problem worsens.

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You can only delay maintenance for so long before your system breaks down. Make sure you deal with these problems right away. Otherwise, you might end up waking in a cold house with a boiler issue that is very costly to repair in your hands. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to you, so it is best to deal with any boiler issues you have early on.

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