Why Is Summer The Best Time To Buy Heating Oil?

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Heating oil is primarily used during the winter season as homes are in dire need of warmth. Hence, the demand for heating oil is at its peak throughout the country at this time. Oil delivery companies tend to be very busy because they are fulfilling orders all day. Heating oil prices also spike up as a result of the high demand and depleting supply.

It is the opposite during summer as homeowners rarely think about heating their homes. The hot months mean that people crave the cooling effect their air conditioners offer instead. The top priority is always what they immediately need. As a result, many oil suppliers state that summer is the best time to purchase heating oil. This is because heating oil prices in summer are a lot more affordable compared to winter.

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Why Is Summer The Best Time To Buy Heating Oil?

Read on to find out why summer is the best time to fill up your oil tank.

Lower Off-Season Heating Oil Prices

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Peak season means that the price of heating oil is high. Therefore, it does not make sense for you to be spending more than needed while getting less value for your money. The best time to buy oil is during the off-season months as these are when heating oil prices are low. Other factors also affect the heating oil prices, but one thing that consistently affects it every year is that hot weather means lower prices.

The demand for heating oil is very low during this time because the strong sunlight makes all homes feel extremely hot. Heating systems are the last thing in their minds, making this time an excellent opportunity for smart homeowners to grab a good deal with their heating oil purchases. Some homeowners even wait patiently for summer to arrive so they can buy oil in bulk. When the heating oil price plummets, they get more out of their heating oil budget.


Better Heating Oil Availability

The low price is not the only advantage of waiting for summer to arrive before you buy heating oil. The summer months also mean that there is a high supply of heating oil. Waiting until the winter season might mean that your usual heating oil provider has no more stock available. Most homeowners are rushing to fill their oil tanks during this time, so you might not get any oil if you fall at the last of the delivery queue.

You might have to wait longer to get your tank filled. Depending on several factors, the wait could last for a few days or longer. This can be a frustrating and dangerous situation to be in when the temperature is dropping fast. It is recommended that you ensure that the tank is full before winter arrives and only a few heating oil companies are making deliveries. Heating oil service during the summer is a quick and simple process because of better heating oil availability.

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Higher Certainty Of Fuel Delivery

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Bad weather can derail your winter heating oil delivery. There might be oil available, but the trucks cannot reach your house if it is unsafe to travel. Snowstorms and other similar incidents will keep any deliveries at bay. After all, everyone’s safety is always the top priority.

You will have to wait until the weather allows for safe deliveries again. Therefore, it is always a good idea not to let your oil supply run too low before you call for a refill. Buy heating oil during the summer months when you are sure that the weather is fine and your delivery will come on time every time.

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Healthier Heating Oil Tank

When the heating oil supply in your tank is depleted, air replaces the liquid inside the tank. Air contains water vapor that can condense into moisture when it comes into contact with the cold tank walls. Unfortunately, this dark and humid environment encourages mold and bacteria to grow.

Water can also cause rusting in the tank interior. This will corrode the tank walls and cause holes where oil can leak through. The rust can also cause sediments that can clog the fuel lines. When this happens, your heating system’s operations will be affected. Your system might need costly repairs. Prevent these problems from happening by ensuring that your tank is filled with oil even in the summer.

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