Top Benefits That Come With An Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up

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Summer is just about to arrive and you know what that means. Do not wait until the temperatures begin to rise to have your air conditioner checked. Temperatures during the summer months can make it very uncomfortable to stay indoors, which is why you will need a reliable working air conditioner to keep your environment cool. You may have an annual air conditioner tune-up scheduled for your air conditioner, so it pays to ensure that you do keep your appointment. Do not wait for the moment your A/C malfunctions out before getting an inspection. If it has problems now, imagine how uncomfortable it will be when the summer comes and your A/C is not working as it should in the middle of an especially sweltering day.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Air Conditioner Tune-Up?

If you still have not thought about how important an A/C tune-up is, consider the following benefits:

Lower Cooling Costs

image of money and an energy bill with air conditioningEvery time you use your air conditioning system, you pay for the cost of energy. However, that is not the only thing you pay for. If your A/C unit has not been inspected and maintained regularly, it will start to break down prematurely and fail to deliver the level of comfort you require. A poorly maintained AC will also work harder, which means it will have to draw in more power just to provide the same type of comfort it used to provide. Ensuring that your HVAC system receives regular tune-ups keeps it at optimum efficiency, which means it will consume less energy.

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Improved Comfort Level

During an AC tune-up, an HVAC technician will inspect the unit for potential issues. They will clean the system thoroughly and lubricate components. Likewise, they will replace components that are worn or damaged. This is how the air conditioning system remains at the optimum operating level. Tune-ups help identify problems, spot indoor hot spots, and determine component wear-and-tear. Regular air conditioner maintenance will keep your AC in top condition and help save on energy costs.

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

indoor air pollutants

Indoor air quality is a major concern for homes and buildings that rely on air conditioning systems to keep the air cool. Because a structure has to be sealed for an AC system to work, it tends to collect particulates indoors. Some of these particulates are harmless but others, such as pollen, human and animal dander, dust, and microorganisms, can cause health issues. Additionally, fumes and other particulates produced by common household cleaners and chemicals could mix with indoor air and cause respiratory problems.

An air conditioning system that receives improper maintenance will not be able to filter out these particulates. As a result, it will release the pollutants into the indoor spaces through the vents. It will continually recirculate them within the building. As the buildup of particulates gets added into the air over time, this situation leads to poor indoor air quality.

One of the most critical benefits of getting your AC system inspected is that the HVAC technician will be able to check the air filters and the ventilation system. If there are any problems, these can be corrected right away.

Why Is Air Quality A Concern?

You can breathe pollutants in the air which lead to a number of health issues. Chemicals, for example, can irritate the eyes, throat, and nose. Some pollutants can cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue in some people. This is true especially for young children, the elderly, and those with existing allergies or health conditions. With a well-maintained air filtration system, your AC unit can ensure that the air you breathe is healthy and safe.



Prevent AC Breakdowns

Tune-ups are a critical part of preventive maintenance for your HVAC system. Ensuring that the system is checked periodically will help you save on the cost of frequent AC repairs and replacements. Many problems that occur with the HVAC unit are preventable, as long as they are diagnosed fairly early. If an HVAC technician detects a problem or a potential issue, they can fix the problem right away and prevent it from worsening. When a small problem is resolved, it can help prevent a bigger problem and we all know how much a bigger problem can cost. Furthermore, keeping your AC in excellent condition will prolong its usable life. Even in 10 to 15 years or more, you will still have an AC that you can rely on during the hot summer season.

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Save On Air Conditioner Repairs

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Air conditioners are just like any other type of equipment in that they will require repairs and replacements later on. At some point during their usable life, ACs can and will break down. This is why regular maintenance is necessary to keep the components in top shape. One of the benefits of getting your AC inspected regularly is that you will pay less for the cost of maintenance than for the cost of repairs.

Regular tune-ups can also help prevent serious damage to the unit, while normal wear-and-tear issues can be resolved when and if necessary. If your AC system is well-maintained, you never have to worry about it running on damaged components. Should any problems occur, they would likely be rather simple enough to be rectified by basic repairs, which are generally cheaper.

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Extend The Usable Lifespan Of The AC Unit

If your air conditioners are kept in top condition, you can expect them to last for about 15 to 20 years and still work well. With regular attention, AC systems can remain useful and functional and will not require a complete replacement until they are well past their 10th year. HVAC experts recommend regular checkups for air conditioners to keep them working reliably because AC systems that receive annual inspections simply last longer. These systems also perform better and with fewer issues compared to AC units that are abused, ignored, or neglected. If your AC system receives a tune-up regularly, you can rely on it to perform when you need it most.



Air conditioning tune-ups should not be an option. Instead, they should be a necessity. In truth, it only takes one inspection per year to keep your AC system in good shape. A well-maintained air conditioning unit ensures your family’s comfort and health as well. If you have concerns, call your local HVAC contractor right away. An HVAC professional is an excellent source of accurate information regarding your heating and cooling system. This way, you know the right steps and approaches that will ensure better AC efficiency and maximum home comfort.

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