Propane Use In The Summer: What’s Normal?

Homes use various fuels for their heating systems. Propane use is one of the most popular options because it is an affordable, efficient, and safe fuel source. However, propane isn’t just utilized during winters. Homeowners may continue to use propane even when their air conditioner is on, and temperatures are rising. For instance, many homeowners require fuel for their home-based activities during the summer, such as family gatherings and personal outdoor pursuits. Read on to know the reasons you may need to stock propane during the summer and the benefits you will receive when you enroll in automatic propane fuel delivery.

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The Importance of Not Running Out of Propane

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You can let your propane boiler or furnace rest if the sun provides sufficient heat throughout the summer. However, you may still need propane to fuel other household appliances like water heaters, gas ranges, clothes dryers, built-in grills, and pool heaters. Therefore, you must ensure you have enough supply to power your family’s needs. You may need more than the usual amount if you will be hosting summer parties or having long-term guests. It is crucial that you have enough fuel supply. Running out of propane can disrupt your daily activities and cause significant discomfort in your household. Prevent these problems and ensure you have a continuous supply.

Propane Appliance Use Estimates

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To get enough supply, you need to predict how much fuel you need. Here are some of the usual amounts different appliances use:

  • Tankless Water Heater: at 40,000 BTU per hour, 1.5 gal/day
  • Gas Range: at 65,000 BTU per hour, 5-10 gal/mo
  • Gas Dryer: at 35,000 BTU per hour, <1 gal/day
  • Built-in Propane Grill: at four burners on medium, 0.75 gal/hour
  • Pool Heater: at 21,000 gallons of water, four gal/hour

Make adjustments per the specifications of your appliances. Multiply these by how often you use them in your home. Check the exact propane tank capacity.

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Reasons to Stock Up on Propane During Summer

Here are some reasons you should stock up on propane during the hot months:

Lower Summer Propane Prices

Propane delivery companies do not want the stocks to stay in storage longer than necessary. Therefore, they typically tend to drop the fuel prices during the summer to encourage people to buy more. It is also an effective strategy for the companies to clear their inventories and have the space for fuel that’s to be sold during the fall and winter. Customers should take advantage of these bargain rates. It allows you to cook without fretting over how much fuel you are consuming. You can also wash and dry more clothes, blankets, and other fabrics.

Reduced Propane Delivery Costs

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Another cause of lower fuel costs during summer is faster and easier propane deliveries. Delivery companies don’t have to deal with bad weather and slick roads. The companies can maximize their calendars and make more deliveries instead of constantly rescheduling them. Traveling from the depot to different homes is faster because the roads are dry, and drivers don’t have to be overly cautious. Delivery cost savings that the company makes are passed to their customers. Therefore, don’t wait for winter to have propane delivered to your home and start during the summer.

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Avoid Propane Demand Spikes

Propane production is continuous. It is available all year round. However, there is limited production because of the capacity of manufacturing facilities and storage areas. The cold weather increases demand, resulting in the inevitable increase in prices. Don’t wait for this to happen before buying propane. Instead, stock up while there is lower demand. You can get as much propane as needed and make it last until fall or even winter.


Why You Should Enroll in Automatic Propane Delivery

Propane can be delivered through will-call or automatic fuel delivery services. Will call delivery means you need to call every time you require more fuel. On the other hand, automatic delivery happens effortlessly because the propane delivery company estimates a fitting delivery schedule. The schedule will be based on the prevalent weather, typical usage patterns, and other factors that impact consumption. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive when you enroll in automatic delivery:

Get a Fixed Propane Rate

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Like other products, propane prices fluctuate depending on the market forces. It may be low one day but go up the next. Enrolling in automatic delivery programs allows you to enjoy a fixed rate throughout the contract period. Budgeting will be easier as your payments are predictable.

Lessen Your Fuel Delivery Anxiety

You don’t have to worry about running out of fuel when you are enrolled in automatic propane delivery services. You also don’t need to constantly check the tank to see if you have enough supply for the coming days. You can instead direct your attention to other, more important matters.

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Avail of Full HVAC Service Deals

image of an hvac contractor performing a furnace tune-up

Propane delivery companies frequently offer bundled services at reduced prices. You may avail of their HVAC tune-up or repair services at a discounted rate if you subscribe to their delivery service. Ask your local propane supplier for details as it may vary with each propane company.

Rely on Experts

Approximations are useful but are not always accurate. These estimates may fail to factor in crucial details like the appliances’ age, efficiency, and condition. They may also not consider changing weather, among other factors. Professionals can give you a more accurate estimate than untrained individuals. They can also make changes according to the varying conditions.

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Summer offers a great time to see friends and enjoy the outdoor spaces in your home. All you need to do is make sure you have sufficient fuel for your activities. Stock propane while there are low prices to ensure significant savings. Find a dependable propane delivery company that offers automatic refills for your peace of mind.

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