Why Use A Ductless Air Conditioner For An Oil-Heated Home Without Ducts?

Hydronic heating systems are usually found in most homes, which means they aren’t fitted with HVAC ductwork. Therefore, oil-heat homeowners typically depend on window air conditioners to keep cool during the summer instead of central cooling units. It may have been the logical move to make before. However, this situation has changed as HVAC technology has options that are more efficient and provide a higher level of comfort. Now, when it concerns air conditioning for old houses, a ductless air conditioner offers a far superior solution compared to the window AC.

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Reasons Window AC Units are Poor Cooling Solutions

image of a house without ductwork depicting cooling options for older homes

Listed below are why window air conditioning units are considered poor cooling solutions:

Window Air Conditioners are Bulky

Central air conditioners consist of two separate units that work together to provide you with cool air. On the other hand, these two parts are combined in window air conditioners, making them bulky. Engineers have not yet found a way to significantly reduce their sizes even after decades since they were first invented. A significant amount of the window air conditioner always protrudes outside the house and destroys the facade. Aside from being unsightly, it causes reduced curb appeal, decreasing the property’s value.

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Window Air Conditioners are Expensive

Air conditioners consume a significant amount of energy. This means you shouldn’t focus on the air conditioner’s price alone when shopping for a new cooling unit. You should also consider the unit’s operational cost once you acquire them. The bad news is that window air conditioners are inefficient and expensive to run. They use more energy for their size than other cooling solutions.

Loud Window Air Conditioners

image of a window air conditioner

The components of window air conditioners are in a single box, so you can hear all of them loudly and clearly through each cycle. It can be annoying to hear if you have a window air conditioner in your bedroom. You may have a cold room, but the loud noises can keep you up at night. These noises also tend to worsen as the unit ages. Look for a better cooling solution if you can’t stand the noise any longer.

Window Air Conditioning Units Don’t Cool Well

The cooling capacity of window air conditioners is limited despite their bulk. You can purchase the largest window air conditioner you can get your hands on, but it still won’t be enough to cool a large room. After all, window cooling units work best for small to medium-sized rooms only. Bigger spaces need several window units.

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Window Cooling Systems Negatively Affect Indoor Air Quality

Window air conditioners are likely to develop gaps along their perimeters. This only lets unfiltered outdoor air get inside your home. This air may contain different pollutants that can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Poorly designed window ACs may not be able to filter air properly, meaning the air passing through the unit still has a significant amount of allergens. Window air conditioners are also the perfect breeding ground for house mold and bacteria that can further degrade your indoor air quality.

The Benefits of Using Ductless Air Conditioners

Now that you know why window air conditioners are not ideal cooling solutions, we look at one of the best alternatives and why you should consider switching to them.

Ductless Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

Comparing the energy efficiency ratings between ductless air conditioners and window air conditioners will reveal that the former is better at converting electricity into cooling capacity. The upfront cost for unit acquisition may be higher, but you will enjoy lower monthly energy costs. Over time, you will have big household savings.


Split System Air Conditioners are Space Savers

Ductless systems are separated into the indoor air handler and outdoor unit. The indoor air handler has a compact design, making it easy to place in a room. It won’t take up a window and obstruct the natural light from streaming inside your home. You can also place the indoor air handler up a wall so it will not interfere with your interior arrangement.

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Ductless Cooling Systems are Quiet

The majority of the ductless air conditioner components that generate noise are in the outdoor unit. Therefore, you won’t hear them because the exterior wall provides insulation. The indoor unit will only produce a low hum. The sound isn’t noticeable, so you can sleep soundly and do your daily activities without distractions.


Ductless Air Conditioners Provide Higher Indoor Air Quality

Ductless air conditioners have no ducts that can get dirty and spoil the indoor air. They are also equipped with filtration systems that are advanced and multi-layered. These features allow them to be highly effective in blocking allergens and pollutants, so you have a healthier home.

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Ductless Air Conditioning Units Enable HVAC Zoning

Ductless systems make it possible to divide your home into HVAC zones. This means each zone can have different temperatures, allowing greater comfort for everyone in the house. You do not have to endure a fixed temperature setting for the whole house. Room occupants can adjust the thermostat settings per their preferences. The air conditioner can also be switched off in unoccupied rooms.


Why Ductless Air Conditioners Are The Most Affordable Option

A lot of the homes with hydronic heating systems weren’t built to have HVAC ductwork. Therefore, if you wish to install a forced-air cooling system, you need to install ductwork around the house. This complex process may mean that the walls and ceilings in your home have to be torn down so the ducts can pass through. Aside from being long and labor-extensive, it can also be very expensive. On the other hand, ductless air conditioners do not require making significant changes to your home. The indoor and outdoor units only need to be connected. Their installation is quick, non-disruptive, and affordable.

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Window air conditioners are outdated and have many drawbacks. Fortunately, there are better alternatives available, so homeowners should think about getting a cooling system upgrade to improve their home’s cooling comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Ductless air conditioners offer all these plus affordable installation. Contact your local, trusted HVAC technician to help choose the best ductless AC for your home.

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