How Big Does My Home Propane Tank Need To Be?

One of the best home heating fuels is propane. It is a highly energy-efficient energy source that lets you save money while reducing environmental impact. Natural gas is delivered to homes through supply lines, while propane is stored in a propane tank outside your home. With propane, there are no worries regarding the supply lines because propane is stored safely within the property.

Homeowners just need to ensure that they have an adequate supply by choosing the correct propane tank sizes.

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How Big Does My Home Propane Tank Size Need To Be?

image of a residential propane tank depicting propane tank sizing

Read on to learn some of the considerations needed to determine the size of your residential propane tank that best fits your heating requirements.

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Space Availability

Homeowners need to check the available space since the tank will be stored on their property. A larger horizontal propane tank should fit in a wide yard. If you have a small yard, a vertical propane tank is necessary. Consult a reputable propane supplier regarding your options.

Size of the Home

large maryland home that uses propane fuel

If propane is mainly utilized for heating, the most crucial factor to consider is the size of the home. For instance, a house with a floor area of 2,500 square feet typically needs a 500-gallon tank. A space that’s double this floor size means it needs a tank that’s twice as big.

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Number of Propane Appliances

The initial calculation is only focused on heating needs. In many cases, there are other propane-powered appliances in your home, like a clothes dryer, fireplace, stove, and water heater. As such, the fuel needs will increase. Consider all appliances that use propane as their fuel source and adjust as needed.

Size of the Family

large family that uses propane for heating and appliances

Larger families utilize propane-fueled appliances more than small ones. They will have different daily fuel needs. Factor in how many times the home’s occupants need to shower, cook meals, wash hands, and perform other activities.

Location of the Home

The region’s climate is also a factor in your propane needs. Some places experience harsher winters than others. Another consideration is how far your home is from the propane provider. If the company is delivering from far away, you won’t know precisely when they can deliver to you during bad weather. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a large tank that will hold more propane to last you longer.

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Why Do You Need to Find the Right Propane Tank Size?

Here are some reasons it is crucial that you have the right tank size fitted in your home:

Avoiding Frequent Propane Deliveries

A tank that’s too small for your home means that you will quickly run out of propane. You will need to schedule propane delivery more often. This can be a challenging and burdensome task when there is bad weather. Avoid this issue with correct propane tank sizing.

Minimizing Upfront Propane Fuel Costs

image of scissors cutting bill depicting low propane fuel costs

Some homeowners might go for the biggest tank available to avoid the need for frequent refills. However, this isn’t always a practical solution. Large tanks require large storage spaces. They also need a considerable initial cost to buy and install the tank. However, you can take advantage of reducing propane costs through bulk buying when you have a larger propane tank.

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Considering Safety Regulations

Propane is relatively safe to use. However, local governments are still careful regarding tank installation. Stricter regulations are in place for bigger tanks compared to smaller ones. It would be best to consider the feasibility per the rules in place.

What Home Propane Tank Sizes Refer To

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Tank sizes are described in two ways. One is the liquid volume in gallons within the storage tanks. The other is the weight in pounds when these tanks are full. Remember that the tank can only be filled up to 80 percent of its capacity as the remaining 20 percent acts as a safety buffer for expansion.

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Common Propane Tank Sizes

  • 1-LB Tank: This tank size is usually used for camping stoves and portable grills. They can be found in most supermarkets and hardware stores.
  • 20-LB/5-Gallon Tank: This is compatible to use with large BBQ grills. It can also be refilled at your local gas stations.
  • 33-LB/8-Gallon Tank: This tank is sufficient to supply power to demanding machines like farm vehicles and forklifts for a few hours. However, they are too small to be used for home heating.
  • 100-LB/25-Gallon Tank: At this size, the tank can heat small homes and can power several propane-fueled appliances from time to time. However, this can lead to the propane running out quickly, especially with frequent use.
  • 200-LB/57-Gallon Tank: This tank offers a good fuel amount to small homes with big requirements. This way, homeowners have fewer worries even with constant use.
  • 420-LB/100-Gallon Tank: The tank can do more, including heating a swimming pool or keeping a fireplace going for extended periods.
  • 500-Gallon Tank: This tank size is the most commonly used for residential heating, cooking, and other applications. The propane should last longer, but this means that the container is also bigger. Therefore, a 10-foot clearance is needed to ensure safety.
  • 1,000-Gallon Tank: A 500-gallon tank may be lacking for massive homes. They can choose a 1,000-gallon tank instead to match the size of the structure.



Selecting a propane tank size should be done carefully. The size you choose will impact how reliable your home heating is and the installation cost. Consider the needs in your home based on the number of occupants and appliances. Factor in the location and size of your home as well. A tank that meets all your requirements can be used for a long time. Consult a reputable local propane supplier to determine the best propane tank size for your needs.

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