How Often Should You Refill Your Propane Tank?

Many households throughout the United States are using propane to heat their homes. Propane is an important home heating fuel, particularly in rural locations, for a number of reasons. For example, there’s the affordable cost of propane when compared to other fuels that are used for heating purposes. Thus, simply using propane to heat your home is one way to limit your overhead costs, especially during the winter months when more heating is necessary. As a top-rated propane supplier, we’re constantly being asked the question, “How frequently do I need a propane tank refill?”. That’s why we’re sharing important information on scheduling propane delivery services to meet your needs.

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When Does A Propane Tank Need To Be Refilled?

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Given the amount of carbon dioxide emitted when propane gas is burned, this is currently ranked as one of the cleanest heating fuels people can use. It’s also safe if used correctly. More to the point, it’s important to avoid letting your propane tank run empty. To avoid depleting your propane fuel supplies and to ensure that your household heating needs are always being met, your propane tank should be refilled on a regular basis.

Whenever your propane fuel tank falls below the 30% capacity level, it will indicate that more fuel is needed. At this point, it’s time to set up a propane delivery service. This ensures timely scheduling so that propane delivery services have ample opportunity to fill your home propane tank, particularly during times of high demand. In the event that your tanks fall below the 10 or 20 percent fill mark, this means that you have approximately two days to schedule a refill. This, of course, depends on the heating needs of your household. If you don’t account for sufficient time for your propane delivery service provider to arrive, you might have to set up emergency propane delivery services. Otherwise, you’ll face the consequences of letting your propane tank run completely dry.

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Ways To Know When Its Time For A Propane Refill

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Your home heating needs and the size of your propane tank are the two major factors. They determine how often you’ll need to schedule a propane delivery service. More heating means that you’ll use more propane. For more insight, according to the EIA or the Energy Information Administration, nearly two-thirds of the propane gas used in the United States throughout 2019 was used in winter.

To limit the risk of running entirely out of propane, especially during winter, constantly monitor your fuel levels. You have the option of installing an automatic tank monitoring system that will track your fuel use and send the resulting data to your mobile phone or computer. However, many homeowners get notifications that their propane tanks are running low and still forget to set up a propane delivery service.

As an alternative, you can schedule a reminder so that you know to read the gauge on a regular basis to avoid having your tank run entirely dry. Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to get busy, and even though they constantly remind themselves to check their fuel levels, they simply forget. Understanding these things, signing up for automatic propane delivery is always the best choice.

With automatic delivery, your propane supplier will bring new propane when you need it. There’s no need to constantly monitor your tank with these services or worry about setting up an appointment with sufficient time. You will always have enough fuel to make it through the cold months of winter.

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The Consequences Of An Empty Residential Propane Tank

Although it’s your choice on whether or not to refill your propane tank before it’s totally empty, there are definitely drawbacks to waiting until your propane levels are extremely low or until there is absolutely no propane in your tank at all. To start, your home won’t have adequate heat. Your family will be at risk. Other drawbacks include:

  • Propane Tank Rust Formation: In the event that your propane tank becomes completely empty, this will provide space for moisture to enter. This can cause the interior of fuel tanks to rust. Moreover, the build-up of corrosion affects the longevity and quality of your tank. Also, it masks the odor of propane during refill services. This can be incredibly dangerous in some instances. You won’t be able to detect a propane leak by its smell, and this creates the risk of explosion.
  • Your Propane-Powered Appliances Stop Running: If you use propane to power your home generator, this appliance won’t work and it won’t be able to provide power to your refrigerator, stove, or any other home essential during a power outage. As stated before, your heating system isn’t going to work either. Thus, none of your appliances will work as they should.
  • Your Home May Sustain Water Damage: Propane is an invaluable resource in winter when it comes to preventing temperature-related injuries and illnesses such as frostbite and hypothermia. It also keeps your pipes from freezing. If you run out of propane, your pipes could freeze and actually burst, which may result in severe water damage throughout your home and costly repairs. The Insurance Information Institute asserts that in the United States, water damage and freezing pipes account for about 24 percent of home insurance claims.

To avoid incidents like these in your home, be sure to schedule a propane fuel delivery service before your tank is completely empty.

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Why Scheduling Automatic Propane Delivery Services Is the Best Bet

image of homeowner adjusting thermostat depicting running out of propane in winter

When you manually monitor the level of propane in your fuel tank, you run the risk of having this tank run dry. To avoid this, you should sign up for automatic propane delivery. When your propane deliveries are automatic, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration and stress. With automatic propane delivery, there is no need to set up an appointment for a refill or call your propane delivery service when your tank is empty. Instead, the propane supplier will track and monitor your propane levels and propane use for you by using advanced technology. They’ll also refill your home propane tank as needed. This option is incredibly convenient for anyone who leads a busy life and is prone to forgetting about this essential service. Some other benefits that you can enjoy with automatic propane delivery are:

  • Automatic propane delivery ensures that your fuel tank never runs out of propane
  • Spares you the hassle of having to set up deliveries manually with your service provider, particularly in the winter when propane is in high demand
  • Ensure a constant and reliable supply of propane and helps protect your property and appliances
  • Saves you from having to wait days before you can get a much-needed delivery of propane
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How Long Do Propane Tanks Typically Last?

On average, the propane tank in the typical home should last between two and three decades – and it should be replaced after this time. As the years go by, propane tanks can sustain a significant amount of wear. Thus, continuing to use them beyond their expected lifespans can actually prove hazardous. If you own a home that uses propane, be sure to inspect your tank on a regular basis to ensure its continued integrity. Likewise, you should always know how old your propane tank is so that you can be ready for a propane tank replacement when the time arises.


Final Thoughts

To keep propane-related problems at bay, always refill your propane tank in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that a reputable propane delivery service can help you track and monitor your fuel levels. They can refill your propane through automatic propane delivery services that will save you both money and time.

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