Are Propane Water Heaters Worth It?

Water heaters are crucial to our homes. As per the US Department of Energy (DOE), a typical water heater accounts for around 18% of a home’s total energy consumption. Aside from its effect on your energy bills, the water heater type you choose also impacts your home’s resale value, your carbon footprint, and your family’s safety. Choose a propane water heater if you want a safe, environmentally friendly, and economical option for your home.

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Are Propane Water Heaters Worth It?

This article discusses several advantages of installing a propane hot water heater.

Propane Water Heater Saves You Money

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Propane-powered water heaters are a better option than electric water heaters when it comes to installation, maintenance cost, and typical lifespan. Electric heaters might have higher Energy Factors, but there’s more to consider than just that. Determining the Energy Factor of a water heater is a required first step in estimating the heater’s operating cost. However, the Energy Factor shouldn’t be the only one you check when conducting a comparison between the operating costs of electric-powered and propane water heaters. Remember that the Energy Factor doesn’t include the cost of electricity, installation, and repairs. It also doesn’t factor in the equipment’s lifespan.

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Better Recovery Efficiency

Recovery efficiency is part of the Energy Factor. It assesses the capacity of a water heater to heat water. In general, propane heaters have a higher recovery efficiency than electric heaters. As a result, propane heaters provide you with more hot water from a heater with a smaller tank with a shorter wait time for the water to reach the set temperature. The operating cost is also lower when you have smaller-sized tanks because less energy is used to keep a large amount of water hot.

Propane Is Environmentally Friendly

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Propane offers a cleaner burn than gasoline or diesel. Propane also emits fewer greenhouse gasses. Therefore, choosing a propane water heater helps lower your carbon footprint. Propane gas also has less toxic pollutants, such as sulfur oxides. As propane has an ultra-low sulfur content, it generates fewer sulfur oxides which can cause acid rain and smog. Moreover, propane gas is a pressurized fuel, meaning it can only be stored in a sealed system. As a result, it is not likely to leak into water or cause water to get in the tank due to a spill, handling, or evaporation.

It might seem that electric heaters are the more environmentally-friendly option. However, this is a reasonably inaccurate view. Primary energy sources generate electricity. Over 50% of electricity in the US is generated through natural coal and gas burning. Only 20% of the total electric power is generated by renewable sources.

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Convenience Of Propane Water Heaters

Propane is a highly portable fuel. This means that it doesn’t lose its effectiveness as a fuel even if it is transported or stored. Propane water heaters are also reliable even during emergencies wherein there is no electricity, and your appliances cannot operate as they should.

Safe Choice

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Propane tanks have around 20 times more puncture resistance than conventional gasoline tanks. Contrary to popular belief, propane fuel is non-toxic and doesn’t ignite easily due to its narrow flammability range. Unlike oil, propane gas vaporizes in case the tank leaks. It will dissipate instead of puddling at the base of the propane tank and become a fire hazard.

Home Value

Propane water heater installations can increase your Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and LEED scores. With a better energy-efficiency rating, your home’s resale value increases.

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Which Propane Water Heater Should You Opt For?

Tankless and storage tanks propane water heaters provide outstanding benefits. Your propane gas provider, like Tevis Energy, is an exceptional resource as you weigh your choices on what best fits your home. The following is a comparison of conventional storage-tank water heaters versus tankless ones to help you make an informed decision:

Storage Tank Propane Water Heaters

  • Storage tank heaters are smaller in size than electric-powered water heaters. Therefore, it requires a smaller space.
  • Propane has a higher recovery efficiency. After all, a 40-gallon propane heater and a 50-gallon electric heater provide the same hot water volume.
  • You might be qualified for incentives and rebates.
  • Fewer emissions.

Tankless Propane Water Heaters

image of a tankless propane water heater


  • It delivers water continuously.
  • You get hot water when you need it.
  • Its compact size saves you up to 16 square feet of space.
  • You might qualify for rebates and incentives.
  • It has fewer emissions.

The price of the water heater is an important factor when buying one. However, it shouldn’t be the only consideration as you should also think about efficiency, performance, and operating costs before making a purchase decision. Propane heaters offer exceptional performance in all those areas.


What Type Of Fuel Do You Currently Use?

Choose a propane-powered water heater if you already utilize propane for your home’s heating, cooking, and other needs. It is a hassle-free and intuitive choice because propane is already being delivered to your home. Therefore, all you need to do is install a propane water heater and increase the propane delivery volume. Converting from an electric water heater to a propane-fueled one is an affordable and hassle-free process as well.

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