How To Keep House Cool In Summer Naturally

The summer is just around the corner, so many homeowners are searching for ways to keep their homes as cool as possible. This is especially a concern for those who don’t have central air conditioning or wish to reduce their home’s cooling costs. The good news is that there are several highly effective and natural ways to stay cool, even if there are high outdoor temperatures. This article discusses how to keep house cool in summer naturally.

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How To Keep Your House Cool Naturally

Here are a few practical steps you can take to keep your home cool this summer:

Stay Cool by Blocking the Heat

homeowner closing curtain to block the sun

Not letting the space get hot in the first place is one of the best ways to keep a cool and comfortable indoor temperature. It might not always be possible to prevent the increasing outdoor temperature from spiking indoor temperatures, but blocking the sun can do wonders in keeping your home cooler. Prevent direct sunlight from streaming through windows by keeping the curtain and shades closed during the day. The direction where your windows face also makes a big difference. For instance, think about using a thermal barrier to keep the heat out if you have a window facing the south. Summer can bring extreme temperatures, and the best way to keep your home cool is to ensure that you block the sun and the heat it produces.

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Open Windows When It’s Cool Outside

Temperatures usually decrease when night comes and remain low until the early morning. This lets you have an opportunity to open windows and get a cool breeze flowing throughout your home. It helps move the warmer air out so you can enjoy the cool, fresh air instead. Moreover, the feel of moving air helps you feel cooler and comfier even if the outdoor temperatures aren’t cooler than the indoor air. Create a breeze in your home by opening windows on opposite sides. Ensure that indoor doors are also open so the air can move freely.

Put Your Refrigerator & Freezer to Good Use

image of homeowner taking cold water bottle out of fridge depicting keeping cool naturally

A cold drink is definitely an excellent way to cool down, but the drink doesn’t last long. Achieve longer relief by freezing water in a plastic disposable water bottle or a hot water bottle. You can also use a reusable ice pack. Place this chilled bottle or pack on your forehead or nape to cool off quickly. You can also put a cold bottle or ice pack under your feet during bedtime to sleep more comfortably. To protect your skin, wrap frozen ice packs with a thin towel.

If you want additional cooling benefits, put your pillowcase or sheets in the refrigerator. You can also put your socks in the fridge. You can sleep more comfortably with a cool bed and cold feet.

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Switch to Cotton Sheets

Light-weight cotton sheets help keep you cool at night. It is made of breathable natural fibers, so body heat doesn’t get trapped in your bedding. Consider using moisture-wicking sheets as well if you tend to get sweaty at night.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan

image of ceiling fan depicting ceiling fan direction in summer

A lot of people do not realize that the standard ceiling fan can rotate in two directions. During the summer, move the small side switch of the motor housing so that the blades spin counterclockwise. This way, warm air is pulled up the ceiling, and the cooler air is left down for you and your family to enjoy.

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Pay Attention to Your Lights

Switch off the lights in unoccupied rooms. This is always a good idea because it helps conserve energy and lower electric costs. It also helps keep your house cooler. Incandescent bulbs are inefficient and can become quite hot. As a result, you will have warmer indoor temperatures. Aside from turning off unnecessary lights, consider using cooler, energy-efficient bulbs instead.

Dine Alfresco

image of a homeowner grilling outside to prevent heat inside home

Your stove or oven makes cooking easy but try not to use them as they tend to add heat to your home. You can try using your outdoor grill or hibachi instead, especially when the temperatures increase. This way, the heat is out of your kitchen, and your family can enjoy dining outdoors where it’s a bit cooler.

Take a Cold Shower

A cold shower feels refreshing when you are feeling hot and sticky. It also helps lower your body’s core temperature, making you feel cooler even after you are finished showering. This is an easy and quick way for you to cool down.

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Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

You can cool down on a hot summer day with a homemade air conditioner made of a fan and some ice. Freeze water in an ice cube tray, small bucket, or mixing bowl. You can also cut off the top half of a plastic milk jug and use it to freeze water. Place the ice on a pan or tray and put it in front of a fan. When the fan blows over the ice, the air is cooled, relieving you from the heat. However, be sure to ask about energy-efficient cooling system options for your home.

Homes without ductwork or with inefficient air conditioning systems can truly benefit from ductless mini-split systems. This way, they can stay comfortable during extreme temperatures, in an efficient manner, and without breaking the bank. Call Tevis Energy today to find out more.



These simple tips can help keep your family cool and comfy during the summer. Even better is that they are easy and affordable to do. Try them and see which ones work best for your home. Remember that you can combine these tips to achieve the best possible results.

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