How do I avoid high heating bills in the winter?

Monthly Payment Plan

With summer approaching the last thing on your mind is heating your home. However, the key to avoiding and unexpectedly high bill is preparing. Now is the perfect time to start!

Our Monthly Payment Plan evens out your heating fuel costs and pays you interest. This is a free service that is offered to our heating oil and propane customers with strong payment histories.

These are some of the things customers like most about a Monthly Payment Plan:
• It eliminates high delivery bills by spreading your fuel costs over 11 months.
• It pays you interest on credit balances you accumulate during the season.
• It is completely FREE.
The payment amount is based on your average usage and would be in effect from July 2017 to May 2018.

Tips for Success:
• From our website, click Account Access to check balances and manage your account online!
• Review your delivery tickets and monthly statements to determine whether your payments are keeping pace with the cost of your deliveries. We are here to help! If you are concerned your payments are not keeping up with the cost of your deliveries, call us to make an adjustment to your payment.

Plan Payment Dates:
By mail or online at Monthly statements will be mailed the 3rd week of each month, and payment is due on the 1st of the following month. Payments can be made via check or credit card. If paying by check, please put your credit card number on your check.

TLC Protection Plan
We will again be offering an optional price cap to heating oil customers who participate in both the Monthly Payment Plan and Automatic Delivery. Please look for our TLC Enrollment information in July, 2017.

For information about any of the plans call us: (410) 876-6800

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