How to choose a heating fuel supplier: Five things to consider.

We receive call inquiries almost every day from prospective customers who need to choose a new heating fuel supplier. One of the most frequently asked question that we answer is: “Do you have the lowest price on home heating oil?” We understand that a low fuel price is important to our customers and do our best to control our costs, keep our prices down while providing the best quality oil in the region.

Home heating oil price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a heating fuel supplier. In Maryland and Pennsylvania, there are hundreds of home heating oil and fuel suppliers to choose from. Here are five things to consider before settling on one.

1) What is the Company’s Reputation?

Before choosing a heating oil supplier, do your homework. A little investigation and a few phone calls go a long way in locating a reputable and reliable heating oil company!

Online forums are a great place to gain insight on how customers feel about the service they receive. Check and verify the company’s profile: Read reviews and ratings.

Tevis Energy takes great strides and great pride in providing top notch customer service from a customer’s incoming inquiry call through to fuel delivery, we want our customers to feel valued! It is our company’s core belief to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that without our customers, we would not exist. We welcome feedback and appreciate every opportunity we have to serve our customers!

2) What fuels are used and are they environmentally friendly?

Today’s clean-burning heating fuels offers many advantages! Look for a company that offers quality fuels, because the fuel oil will last longer and produce fewer emissions.

EcoPlus is in our standard heating oil. We fortify every gallon of heating oil we deliver with ECOPlus, an additive that dissolves impurities that occur naturally inside your tank. If allowed to accumulate, these impurities cause your system to run poorly. With ECOPlus, not only will your system use less heating oil and produce fewer emissions, used consistently, ECOPlus reduces system wear and tear, and helps lengthen system life. We provide ECOPlus at no additional cost to you!

In addition to bringing our customers high grade environmentally friendly fuels, Tevis Energy encourages our employees to conserve resources and recycle — right down to the paper shredded in our offices, which is donated to local farmers and the local humane societies as animal bedding.

3) What services are available to customers?

Strong customer service representatives and 24-hour emergency service are a must! No one should be left out in the cold wondering and waiting until the next business day for an answer from their energy provider.

Strong consideration should also be given to the availability of affordable annual service and maintenance contracts.

At Tevis, customer service is practiced on both internal and external levels. Our employee culture is one of attentive, patient people who genuinely care about our customers and each other! As Tevis has grown and expanded in the region, have been with our companies and grown into their positions and are cross trained in a multitude of positions, therefore having strong product knowledge.

We offer 24-7 emergency heating oil delivery service to our customers. We are so confident about our Automatic Oil Delivery Service, that if a customer runs out of oil, we will make an immediate delivery, light the burner at no charge and credit our customers account $50! (The Tevis Energy monitored emergency number is (410) 876-6800)

Modern Comfort Systems, a member of the Tevis Family of Companies, offers affordable service plans for all your comfort and energy needs including: Oil, propane, natural gas, electric (including heat pumps) geothermal, ductless systems, indoor air quality purification and central air conditioning.

4) Does the heating oil supplier offer a variety of payment plans?

Let’s face it. Sometimes paying the bills can be hard! Be certain to choose a local fuel supplier that understands your budget scheduling needs and is fair and above board in its billing practices. Click here to learn more about flexible heating plans.

Tevis Energy want to keep your home and office comfortable year round in as many ways as possible. We offer three payment plans each designed to meet your needs as well as a competitive referral program for our customers!

Tevis does not offer a locked-in heating oil price and recommends that consumers avoid them!

5) What is the company’s investment to your community?

Do not overlook a company’s history and stake in the community! You want a local heating oil company with deep ties in the community where you live, work and play. Some companies will claim to be local, and while they may have an office in your community, the decisions made that affect your surroundings come from corporation executives that live hundreds, even thousands of miles away. Corporations that outsource are not as invested to their communities as local owned and operated companies and are more likely to change ownership.

Founded in 1932, The Tevis Family of Companies is headquartered in Westminster, Maryland, with offices throughout Central Maryland and in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. Our customers are also our employees. The word “Family” in our branding is no mistake: Our family of companies employs your family members, neighbors and friends! We live local and support local businesses and organizations throughout central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania!

In addition to fund raisers, volunteer work and donations to a variety of local charities, we participate in heating oil to programs such as LIHEAP (Pennsylvania) MEAP (Maryland) and Citizens Energy.

For more information about Tevis Energy, its sister companies, and new customer inquiries please call us at (410) 876-6800.

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