Liberty & Keneco Join Rittenhouse at Tevis Energy

Teamwork All Company

We are pleased to announce that Kenco Oil in Littlestown, PA and Liberty Oil in Essex, MD have joined the Tevis Family of Companies! The partnerships were initiated by the companies previous owners, based on their confidence Tevis Energy would provide the best service and highest quality product in the region to our customers. This follows a partnership made with Rittenhouse Comfort in 2014.

Tevis Energy is growing!

Because of the multiple brands canvasing the Central Maryland and south central Pennsylvania market area, we are currently redesigning our logo to represent who we are as a team to the people we serve.

During our brand integration process (and depending on your location) we may occasionally serve you from one of the following brands: Tevis Energy, Rittenhouse, Keneco, Liberty or Modern Comfort. This will not alter the quality nor the cost of the service you receive from us. In fact, you may experience faster response times because of our expanded team of certified technicians and oil delivery drivers!
We are also very excited that Rittenhouse, Keneco and Liberty employees were given the option to remain and become a part of the Tevis Energy workforce and they chose to join our team!

Does this make Tevis Energy one of those big oil companies?

No. Not at all. In-fact this continues our company philosophy by maintaining our ties in the communities we serve. “Through these partnerships, the customers who have been served by the fine and historic companies will continue to receive outstanding care by many of the same people,” said Jack Tevis, President & CEO.

We remain local and committed to the communities we serve. All of our employees, including our CEO, live local!

Additional questions? No problem! We welcome your call: (410) 876-6800.

Curious about our services and the benefits of our growth?

Our services include:
• Heating Oil Delivery
• Bulk Fuel Services
• Onsite Fuel Delivery
• Security Services for Home and Businesses
• Propane and Gas Services
• HVAC, Air Quality and Generator services

For more information about customer benefits and services, go to Tevis Energy and click Customer Care.