How does a springtime fill prevent water in my oil tank?

Oil Tank Sludge

Water in an oil tank is not good. Good thing its easy to prevent!

Leaving a heating oil tank low or allowing it to go empty can cause water to form in your oil tank. The water is condensation, which contributes to sediment. In turn, this can cause costly problems for your heating system the following season. Getting an end of the season fill is important for the efficiency and performance of your oil furnace.


As outside temperatures warm up, oil tanks experience greater temperature fluctuations which will pull moisture from any air inside your oil tank and cause condensation to accumulate on its inside walls. Unshaded outside tanks that take on direct sunlight are especially prone to condensation. Of course, the more oil there is in your tank, the less air and surface area there is inside for condensation to form! Water in the oil tank is not good.

Tank Sediment

Because water is denser than heating oil, it settles to the bottom of your tank. There, tiny micro-organisms begin to multiply. These organisms live in the water, and as they multiply and die off, they create sediment which can build up and clog fuel lines and the burner nozzle. At the very least, this will cause the system to operate inefficiently. At the very worst, it can even cause your heating system to fail.

Tank Corrosion

As if that’s not bad enough, sediment also has a corrosive effect on a fuel oil tank. The sediment, still containing water, causes the tank to rust from the inside out. This can seriously weaken your tank. Topping off your tank at the end of the season is worth the cost to help minimize condensation and the damaging corrosion it can cause.

The Good News!

  • We use an additive call ECOPlus at no additional cost to our customers that combat water in your oil tank!
  • With the ECOPlus additive that Tevis Energy mixes into its heating oil, the fuel oil will still be as good the following season as the day it was delivered.
  • Our oil STOPS the growth of bacteria in your tank. This means a more efficient, smoother running system. This will save you money NOW and in the next heating oil season!
  • MORE GOOD NEWS … PRICES ARE LOW! This is the markets lowest level since November of last year, making this spring the BEST time to cap off your tank for the season.

Prevent water in your oil tank this summer! Get an end of season fill and be ahead of the game next heating oil season!

For more information about our superior quality heating oil, watch our Fuel Quality video.


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