Celebrating Our Fuel Delivery Drivers

Dave Tevis Energy

Our fuel delivery drivers are one of our most valuable company assets! Our superior fuel product and outstanding customer service team would not be able to do it without the team members who transport the fuel to our customers!

Drivers endure all kinds of situations to bring customers their fuel. On days when most of us are indoors and enjoying the warmth, the drivers are hauling a hose – and those things are heavier than they look! The time of day, road, and weather conditions are rarely a factor that keeps them from getting to a customer in need.

As part of our driver spotlight this spring we spoke with Dave Menikheim about his experiences delivering fuel for Tevis Energy. Dave has been delivering fuel to our customers for over 11 years!

We asked Dave about a typical day, and this is what he said:

Why do you like driving for Tevis Energy?

I like working for Tevis Energy because it is a friendly company. It is like a family. Everyone, the customers, employees – including dispatch are friendly. Even the owner, Jack Tevis, is kind. He is down to earth. Jack will come up and start a conversation. He asks about our day, our families, he is genuinely concerned with our safety and well-being while out on the road.

What is the best part of your day?

Getting new work in the morning. Looking at the work sheet that has been prepared and going over the route in my mind. Starting my day is the best part of the day. Working with dispatch and helping a customer in a bad situation are the best days. I like it when I am on the same route. The people become familiar with you. They see me and wave and sometimes come out to talk. I like it when homeowners new to oil come out and ask questions. I like interacting with our customers.

What are hardest part of your day?

I do not have too many. Sometimes I have a tough day. If there are difficult road conditions or it’s inclement weather the day can feel long. When your trying to get out the door and your being asked questions about your day (laughing) The cold and rainy days are hard sometimes.

What can customers do to make their delivery go smoother?

Make sure customer service knows about anything we should be aware of so we don’t have any surprises. I want to know the oil delivery is done with no hitches. Keep cars to one side of the driveway so we can get our truck in. Keep a clear path to the fill hose. Things like lawn chairs, bicycles, decorations seem harmless but they can get caught up in the hose – and covered in snow they become treacherous to navigate.

Do you have a funny story you would like to share with our customers?

Not a funny story off the top of my head. One of the things that makes me laugh are the animals. Customer service lets us know about dogs. There are allot of people with chickens … and goats. Not just on farms anymore, either. Residential neighborhoods have them now too. Like, it has become more popular to own them. Chickens and goats are curious creatures. They follow the hose as it drags along – kinda checking it out. Sometimes I’ll be at a fill pipe and look down there is an animal pecking at my work boots or pulling on my pants leg. I see all kinds of animals. Couple of people have ostriches. They are NOT always friendly animals!

From all of us– thank you to Dave for the years of service and insight. For more information about our team of fuel delivery drivers, watch for our upcoming Heat Beat, Spring 2017 edition. To all our drivers, for all they endure, a very heartfelt thank you from Tevis Energy. We could not do it without each you.