3 Reasons Fleets Should Swap the Gas Station for Mobile Fuel Delivery

Since the first car hit the streets, drivers have become accustomed to making their own trips to the gas station in order to fuel up. In recent years, however, the birth of mobile fuel delivery has changed that routine by offering an extremely convenient and flexible way for companies to save time and money while maximizing efficiency.

With mobile fuel delivery, gas is brought from the terminal directly to a company’s fleet yard to be used in all company vehicles. The cost of fuel is an operating expense that cannot be avoided, but your company can choose to cut out the additional miles and wages paid out to each individual driver who has to go out of his way to stop at the gas station and take the time to fill up. Considering fuel can eat away as much as 60 percent of a company’s total operating budget, it is logical to take advantage of any service that can lower that figure.

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Overview of Benefits Of Mobile Fuel Delivery


Mobile fuel delivery services are extremely flexible and offer both diesel and traditional gasoline. Typically, they will deliver to a company property, drivers’ homes, and even to work sites. There are several benefits to switching to mobile fuel delivery, such as saving money, increasing efficiency, helping the environment, accessing sustainable fuel, increasing route capacity, and decreasing both driver and vehicle downtime. The service does not require a fleet fuel card or for a company’s property to harbor fuel infrastructure and tanks. There is also peace of mind knowing the chances of fraudulent activity are reduced since the liability falls on the fuel provider. Additionally, centralized fueling translates to lower emissions by eliminating hundreds of thousands of single trips to gas stations. With all of these factors in mind, here are the three biggest reasons to swap out the gas station for mobile fuel delivery.

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1. Save Money and Increase Efficiency

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From 2021 to 2022, maintenance costs for fleets went up 10 percent. Cutting costs after seeing this kind of increase can be crucial to success, and one of the best ways to do this is to lower the amount of tasks drivers have to do when they are not on their routes. The most obvious task to cut out is going to the gas station. Consider the math. The average trip to a gas station takes around 20 minutes. Multiply that time by the amount of trips made per month, which is usually about 15. This computes to 5 hours spent at the gas station per month. So every year, 60 hours of a single driver’s time on the clock is spent refueling his vehicle. The miles put on each vehicle quickly adds up as well. For example, a fleet of 100 vehicles can put on up to 20,300 extra miles each year, simply by going to the gas station.

Although there is a delivery fee for mobile service, the prices offered by these companies are usually competitive when compared to rival gas stations. Over time, the savings are evident. In addition, all of the paperwork is considerably streamlined by combining every individual receipt and payment into one yearly or monthly invoice for the entire fleet of vehicles.

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2. Help the Environment

Gas stations are responsible for a large amount of pollution, from gas spills at fueling stations to fuel leaks that get into waterways and public drinking water. The Environmental Law Institute states that out of every one million gallons of fuel dispensed at a gas station annually, between 70 and 100 gallons of that fuel will spill. If upwards of 20 million gallons is dispensed, the average spillage could be closer to 2,000 gallons. Aside from simple spills, storage tanks located underground are also responsible for polluting. These tanks are usually made out of steel and left to rot. As they get old and start to break down, the chemicals inside begin to leach into the environment.

In addition to the pollution created by gas stations, multiple trips to get gas significantly increases carbon emissions. A single fleet vehicle can put on an extra 400 miles per year in gas station runs. Each off-route trip funnels an average of almost three and a half pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By switching to mobile fuel delivery, each driver’s impact on the environment is considerably reduced.

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3. Access Sustainable Alternative Fuel

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As changes are made in the transportation industry, vehicles will also undergo many modifications, as is the case with the introduction of electric cars. However, heavy trucks and similar vehicles have proven to be difficult to electrify. To improve conditions in the meantime, sustainable alternative fuels are springing up in an effort to help decarbonize fleets. So far, these alternative fuels have been created using renewable feedstocks, including municipal waste, biomass, and industrial scrap. The change has encouraged fleets to become sustainable and efficient by performing better while simultaneously reducing carbon intensity.

While these changes sound great, the problem has been that most gas stations have yet to offer these alternate fuels. Less than five percent, or only roughly 5,900 out of the 145,000 gas stations in America, offered alternate fuels as of January 2023 — a figure that includes ethanol, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and biodiesel. However, switching to mobile fuel delivery means eliminating the need to rely on gas stations to step up by instead counting on the supplier to deliver sustainable fuel.

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For efficiency, convenience, and sustainability, look no further than a mobile fuel delivery service. Cut out costly downtime and eliminate the stack of paperwork that comes with individualized trips to the gas station. Decrease the carbon footprint and opt for sustainable alternative fuels. Encourage success and solid growth by choosing mobile fuel delivery.

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