Safety Tips For On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks

Remote worksites such as construction sites, farms, and more are a logistical challenge. Expensive and time-consuming supply procurement makes self-sufficiency essential. It makes more sense to install on-site fuel storage tanks than to rely on distant gas stations every day. You won’t have to worry about foul weather, long lines, and supply shortages. Stack as many fuel cubes as you need for your machinery. You don’t have to worry about safety as long as you follow the tips outlined below.

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Safety Tips To Use For On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks

Below we share some safety tips that you can use with your fuel storage tanks.

Commercial Fuel Tank Quality

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You can rent or purchase a cube based on your projected length of use. Check the quality of the container because cheap ones are prone to damage. It is particularly important if you will move it often or if you will use it in a harsh environment. Look for double-wall construction and premium materials. Tevis Energy offers fuel storage tank purchases and rentals. Contact us to find out more!

Proper Fuel Tank Placement

Select an ideal site for your fuel cubes. Make sure that your container sits on a solid and stable surface. Otherwise, it might tip over or sustain damage due to mechanical stress. Find a flat area within the property. Don’t place these on top of the hill because leaks and spills will quickly spread downward due to gravity. Keep them as far as possible from drains and water sources to prevent contamination.

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Routine Inspection Of Commercial On-Site Fuel Tanks

Once installed, make it a habit to inspect the tanks every week or so. See whether there are any signs of rust developing outside the tank. Verify that the fill gauge is working properly. Check the surroundings for fuel spills under the tank and around the fill pipe. Follow the length of the hose to hunt for tears and other forms of deterioration. Bring a notebook to log your observations.

Microbial Treatment

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If you are using the cubes for emergency supplies, the contents may remain untouched for a long time. Bacteria and other microbes may get inside the container during this period. They may trigger the formation of sludge and make the fuel unsuitable for use later on. Fortunately, you can always rely on microbial treatments to prevent this from happening. Talk to your tank supplier for information.

Water Removal

Water may get inside the cubes and settle at the bottom of the tank. It may be from vapor condensation, loose caps, or tank holes. Small amounts of water are tolerable, but large amounts can be detrimental to the machines using the fuel. You will need to remove this from the bottom. It is a messy process, so you might want to seek the help of a professional. Remember to dispose of the liquid properly afterward.

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Water Filters

If you are using an older tank to store new fuel, you may want to consider using water filters. They will help you in dealing with significant amounts in the container. With these in place, the pump can shut down automatically to prevent water from getting into your machines and damaging the engines.


On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks & Insulation

Condensation happens when warm humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as the walls of a fuel tank. You can prevent this from happening by insulating the surface. If it doesn’t get cold enough, it won’t turn vapor into liquid. Talk to your tank supplier about how you can implement this properly.

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Monitor Fuel Usage

Look at the tank gauge to monitor the amount of fuel left. Monitor how much fuel you use to get a feel for what’s normal and what’s not. If you notice an abnormal drop in fuel level, investigate immediately. It may be due to a leak. This is a dangerous situation so you should call an expert for help right away.


Clear Vegetation

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether there is a leak or not because the tank is surrounded by tall grass and other plants. Clear the vegetation around your fuel containers for ease of monitoring. Don’t put anything near them, including dumpsters. It should also help improve air circulation and minimize contact with flammable materials.

Improve Fuel Tank Visibility

The tank may be visible in the daytime, but it can be hard to see at night. Thieves can use the cover of darkness to siphon the fuel and sell it elsewhere. Improve tank visibility by installing lights around it. You can use regular bulbs or rely on solar-powered lights. Some of these have sensors to light up automatically when they detect motion.

Lock the Fuel

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The worksite should have a fence to prevent unauthorized individuals from getting in. Intruders may get fuel, construction materials, and other supplies when no one is looking. You can also lock the fuel to prevent access. Some cubes have built-in locks, but you can also find other ways to secure these containers.

Regular Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning

Despite using additives, bacteria can still develop inside the container and cause problems. That is why you should consider regular cleaning as part of ongoing maintenance. This will remove any sludge inside and provide a fresh container for the next delivery. After cleaning, let the tank dry before filling up with fuel.

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Find a Trusted Supplier

Don’t take chances when it comes to fuel and containers. Find a trusted supplier that can provide both of these with the highest quality in the industry. The best companies will even perform maintenance work for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.



Stacking fuel cubes can make your remote worksites more robust and self-sufficient. Take good care of these containers to make them last and keep them safe. Follow the tips above for worry-free fuel storage.

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