Signs You Need Better Air Quality At Home

Breathing becomes uncomfortable when there’s air pollution. People dislike going outside when heavy smog is present around their city. Some may stay inside until it passes, but this doesn’t guarantee safety. Indoor air quality may be as bad, if not worse. The symptoms may already be having an impact on your family’s health. Read on to learn the different signs of air quality problems at home.

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Signs You Need Better Air Quality At Home

close up of a woman looking through a magnifying glass depicting top signs of poor indoor air quality

Take note of the signs, as they are likely to happen again. They can even worsen as time passes unless you do something. Take charge if you see these signs in your household:


Pollutants can irritate your body. It will try to get rid of these particles right away through sneezing. Occasional episodes aren’t anything to be worried about, but you should take them seriously if there is continuous sneezing. The indoor environment can trigger this response.

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High particle concentration can generate worse results. Breathing them in can mean that some become lodged in the lungs. This can result in problems. Your body tries to eliminate these foreign substances by coughing them up. This cannot stop until you clean the indoor air.


sick woman in bed due to indoor air pollution

Airborne pathogens can move around quickly when there’s dry air. As a result, illness can spread faster throughout your home and within communities. This situation is partly the reason for frequent coughs, colds, and flu symptoms during the winter. Control the humidity to improve indoor air quality.


Do you feel tired whenever you are inside your home? Does going out help you get rid of the tiredness? Your home may have toxic fumes impacting your cognitive functions. This can be a result of gas leaks and incorrect ventilation. Have an HVAC technician look into it for you.

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Chemical exposure can make you experience intense headaches. Household products like cleaning agents may produce dangerous fumes. Standing garbage, pesticides, and pet waste emit strong smells that can cause nausea. Excessive indoor pollution can also cause congestion and sinus headaches.


image of a woman with a headache due to poor indoor air quality

Airborne allergies are likely to be seasonal issues from the outdoor environment. Check the indoor air quality if allergy symptoms happen outside the usual periods. Frequent cleaning may reduce the symptom’s severity. It can also be helpful to take medication like antihistamines.


Don’t wait for your household to get sick before doing something about it. Examine the interior surfaces. Is excessive dust accumulation present? Did you recently have renovation or other changes made in your home? There could be more dust particles floating in the air. It can eventually cause respiratory problems.

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Why Good Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Our environment impacts our health and well-being. We usually spend most of our time inside sleeping, working, studying, eating, and socializing. It is dangerous to be inside polluted structures because you are exposed to harmful substances for a long time. Working on indoor air quality means you can remain healthy and comfortable as you go about your daily activities. High indoor air quality levels lead to fewer respiratory ailments, a better quality of life, and a reduced risk of chronic illnesses. Installing air quality monitors and acting quickly when needed ensure that you stay on top of the situation.


How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do something quickly if you notice the signs above. Even small steps can have significant impacts. Here are some of the best steps you can take to achieve higher indoor air quality:

Replace Your HVAC Filter Frequently

removing dirty HVAC filter for home central air conditioning system

Heating and air conditioning systems are equipped with air filters that block pollutants. They become less effective over time because their surfaces get clogged with dirt. Replacing the filters often promotes good airflow while maintaining indoor air quality. Habitually changing the filters can prolong equipment lifespan, improve system performance, and increase energy efficiency. Ensure you buy filters with high MERV ratings to achieve high air quality.

Install a Whole-house Air Filter

Pollutants come in different sizes. HVAC filters may not capture the smallest particles. Consider installing a whole-house air filter to achieve better protection from airborne irritants. Discuss it with your trusted HVAC contractor to get the most suitable one for your home.

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Reduce the Sources of Pollutants

Determine why these air contaminants are in your home. Remove the sources when you find them. For instance, use non-toxic cleaning products and ask people to refrain from smoking inside. You can also use solid wood instead of composite wood because the latter tends to emit formaldehyde in the air.

Control the Allergen Levels

Minimize the presence of allergens in your home, especially if you are sensitive to them. You don’t need to say goodbye to your pets because you only need to give them regular brushes and baths. Vacuum all the pet dander and dust throughout your home. Use hot water to wash your bedding to kill dust mites and soap up the tiles to remove mold.

Use Indoor Plants for Fresh Air

houseplants to improve indoor air quality

Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, while humans do the opposite. Plants use CO2 for their internal process and release oxygen to the environment. In line with this, indoor plants help your home become more pleasant with relaxing visuals and fresh air. The best plants to have at home are the peace lily, the dracaena, and the common ivy.

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Reduce Dampness Indoors

Moisture encourages mold to grow and the release of VOC. It also causes respiratory illnesses and property damage. Minimize dampness inside your home by repairing cracked pipes and leaky roofs. Promote kitchen and bathroom ventilation by opening a window, using a dehumidifier, or turning on exhaust fans.

Curb Heating System Risks

image of a carbon monoxide detector

If you have a wood-burning stove or a fireplace at home, remember that they can release carcinogens into the air. Furnaces and other gas-powered heaters are less harmful. However, you should install carbon monoxide detectors to watch out for potential CO leaks. Ensure that you book heating system maintenance to have cleaner air.



Don’t let contaminated air make your family suffer. Take the necessary steps to get relief if you see persistent signs and symptoms. Try conducting the basic methods and check what happens. Ask for help from an HVAC technician to implement advanced solutions as needed. It is a worthy investment. Elevating your home’s indoor air quality means you give better health and comfort to your family.

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