What Is A Double-Wall Heating Oil Tank?

Homes in the eastern U.S. use heating oil as a common fuel source. It is stored in a tank within the property and pumped to the boiler or furnace to begin heat generation. If you are already an oil-heat user and are facing an oil tank replacement, consider getting a double-wall heating oil tank for your home. This article discusses what a double-wall oil tank is, the advantages it brings to your home, and the various reasons many homeowners opt for this type of tank over other fuel oil tank choices.

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What Is A Double-Wall Heating Oil Tank?

As its name suggests, a double-wall heating oil tank consists of an inner tank and an outer tank. The outer tank surrounds the inner tank, with the space between them known as the interstitial space. This space is a barrier preventing leaks or spills from the inner tank from getting into the environment.

The interstitial space is sealed. It also has alarms and sensors for leak monitoring and to alert homeowners if there are any issues. If a leak happens, the interstitial space will hold the leakage and stop it from entering the environment.

The double-wall tanks also have a “spill bucket,” which is a small storage area inside the interstitial space. It catches leaks and spills that may happen, serving as extra protection.

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How Does A Double-wall Heating Oil Tank Work?

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The inner tank acts as the fuel storage, while the outer tank serves as the secondary containment barrier. The interstitial space between the inner and outer tanks will contain any leak or spill, should they occur. This keeps the fuel from going into the environment and causing damage.

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Benefits Of A Double-wall Heating Oil Tank

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Double-wall heating oil tanks have some advantages over single-wall ones. Its most crucial benefit is the additional layer of protection against spills and leaks. A single-wall does not have the extra security that the secondary containment barrier in a double-wall tank offers.

Moreover, a double-wall heating oil tank offers more durability and longer service life. High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, can be used to make the double-wall tank’s outer tank. This material is durable, UV-resistant, and can endure extreme weather conditions. These features make double-wall tanks an excellent solution for outdoor or indoor installations.

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Double-wall Heating Oil Tank FAQs

Listed below are three of the most common questions asked about double-wall heating oil tanks:

Are Double-wall Heating Oil Tanks More Expensive Than Single-Wall Tanks?

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Although double-wall heating oil tanks typically cost more than single-wall tanks, their increased durability and added protection from leaks and spills make the extra expense worth it in the long run. In general, several reasons can make double-wall heating oil tanks more expensive than single-wall tanks.

First, the materials used for constructing double-wall tanks are more expensive. The inner tank of a double-wall tank and a single-wall tank is made of the same materials. However, the outer tank is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is costlier than regular plastic or steel, which is used to make single-wall tanks.

Second, manufacturing double-wall tanks is a more complex process. The inner tank is constructed separately from the outer tank and later attached together. This adds to the overall cost. The interstitial space between the two tanks is also sealed and tested for leaks, adding to the production expense.

Third is that double-wall tank installation is a more complicated endeavor than installing single-wall tanks. The tanks require proper leveling, and the interstitial space should be monitored for leaks, adding to the overall installation bill.

Fourth and last is that double-wall tanks last longer and have increased durability. This can result in a more expensive upfront cost, but you eventually save more by avoiding costly repairs and replacements. Therefore, they can be considered long-term investments.

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Can I Install A Double-wall Heating Oil Tank Indoors?

Yes, you can install double-wall heating oil tanks indoors. However, ensure that the location it will be installed in has good ventilation so that the buildup of fumes is prevented. This allows double-wall heating oil tanks to be installed inside.

You must follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer when installing a double-wall heating oil tank indoors. Be sure to comply with local building codes and regulations as well. Proper ventilation is needed so that dangerous fumes do not accumulate inside your home. For instance, use a pipe to vent any fumes outside.

It is also wise to remember that an indoor installation may need additional safety measures. For example, install a spill containment tray to contain leaks or spills if they should occur.

It is recommended that you consult a professional with experience installing heating oil tanks. This way, you can be sure to get the best advice and that the process is safe and complies with the regulations.

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Are Double-Wall Heating Oil Tanks Required By Law?

Each state and local jurisdiction has varying regulations about double-wall heating oil tanks. The law does not require all areas to install double-wall heating oil tanks. However, many states have regulations mandating fuel storage tanks to have secondary containment.

Regulations in some areas may require new tanks to be double-walled, while other regions may require tank replacements to be double-walled. Some regulations may also require existing single-wall tanks to be modified with secondary containments, like adding secondary containment trays or installing double-wall tanks.

It is wise to consult your local government agency or a certified HVAC technician knowledgeable in the regulations in the area you will install the tank. Doing this assures you that you have a tank that complies with the law. It also ensures that your tank is safe and secure.

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A double-wall heating oil tank is a fuel storage tank that adds a protective layer from leaks and spills. It has advantages like secondary containment and higher durability, making double-wall heating oil tanks an excellent option for homeowners who require a replacement for their current oil tank. They are typically more expensive than single-wall tanks, but the additional protection, increased durability, and peace of mind may make them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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