Home Heating Oil: Top Tips For Summer

Heating oil may not be in homeowners’ minds during the summer. However, it is the perfect time to think about home heating oil. It is when the sun shines bright and the boiler is idle so you can freely work on various parts of the heating system and plan for the future. Getting ready for the coming winter is a must as the months will roll on quickly. Making preparations early ensures you have a more comfortable home when the temperatures drop. Read on to learn several summer heating oil tips.

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Heating Oil Tips To Follow During Summer

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Here are some heating oil tips you can do in the summer season:

Maximize Lower Fuel Oil Prices

Under normal conditions, heating oil prices peak during winter. The price increase is due to the millions of homes requiring this fuel to power their boilers and furnaces. Waiting until it gets cold to buy your fuel means you have to contend with a higher price. On the other hand, the lowest demand happens during the summer. Oil companies may offer discounts to encourage homeowners to buy fuel. Take advantage of these offers. Think about how much fuel you need and call in your order. Call Tevis Energy to schedule a delivery today!

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Inspect Your Oil Tank

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Summer is also a good time to inspect your heating oil tank carefully. There is fine weather, so you can walk around your yard and check your outdoor tank to ensure it is still in good shape. As time passes, the storage tank may develop some damage like holes, cracks, and rust. Water may seep in through these and create more problems. Check the tank legs to ensure stability as well. The lids should be tightly sealed. Schedule heating oil tank replacement if your tank is nearing the end of its lifespan or has signs of wear and tear.

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Call For Oil Heating System Service

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Homeowners can see obvious signs of damage. However, they may miss subtle ones. Certified HVAC technicians have the trained eyes to determine issues within your oil heating system at their earliest stages. HVAC professionals can also get to areas that may be difficult to reach and do advanced tests to check for any issues. They are equipped with tools to thoroughly clean and tune up your system. Ensure that your boiler or furnace receives maintenance at least once per year. A heating system will have a longer lifespan and reliable operation with the help of professionals.

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Secure the Outdoor Tank

Valuable fuel is stored in oil tanks. They are placed outside so they can become a target for thieves. The oil may be siphoned to another container for these thieves to resell. They may even monitor when the delivery trucks come so they know which homes have a fresh supply. Secure your tank from prying eyes by building a fence or growing plants around it. You only need to ensure that there is enough space around the tank for proper airflow and heating safety. You can also take security measures like locking the tank, installing an alarm, and placing a CCTV camera in the area to prevent oil tank theft.

Take Advantage of the DownTime

image of an hvac contractor performing a furnace tune-up

Summer is the best time to make any significant changes you are planning. You can replace old tanks with new ones. This way, you prevent problems and can even increase the storage capacity. The boiler can also be repaired or upgraded. You may even consider getting your HVAC system completely replaced if your current one often breaks down. This can take some time, so it is best to do it at a time when heating isn’t critical.

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Ensure Fill Pipe Accessibility

Heating oil delivery trucks need to be able to access your tank’s fill pipe easily. However, the area may have become overgrown with plants. You need to periodically check it so you can monitor the foliage around it. Trim them as needed. When the fill pipe is clear, mark its location so the delivery team can find it quickly.

Look for a Better Oil Delivery Company

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If you are unsatisfied with how your existing heating oil supplier handles your orders, look for better options throughout the summer. List down other heating oil delivery companies in your area and check what other people say about them. These companies can maybe make timely deliveries as they promised. This search can even lead you to find better deals or lower prices. Ask your neighbors for recommendations so you can check for reliable ones.

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Prevent Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation in your oil tank is one of the ways damage begins creeping into the container. Water causes corrosion and weakens the walls from the inside. It only gets worse with a nearly empty tank because the moist air takes up the empty space. Don’t let your tank run low on fuel even during the summer. Have oil delivered to prevent oil tank condensation.



Summer is the best time to conduct tank and boiler checkups. It is hard to tinker with this equipment during the winter because they are in operation all day. However, they are idle during the summer, so you can do the necessary maintenance on them. You can also reassess your budget for oil and find better ways to get your next delivery.

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