10 Ways to Save Money on Heating Oil Costs

Living on the East Coast comes with these unquestionable facts: low temperatures and high heating costs. Homeowners rely on furnaces and boilers to keep them warm during winter. It isn’t possible to switch your heating off to save money, but you can lower the heating oil costs through other ways. This article discusses several tips on how you can lower your heating oil expenses without sacrificing safety and comfort.

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10 Ways to Save Money on Heating Oil Costs

Read on to learn ten valuable ideas on how to reduce your heating oil costs and energy bills.

Use a Smart Oil Gauge

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Having good data means you can make excellent decisions. You can make the right move when you know the numbers. This is true for businesses and household heating. A smart oil gauge can measure the heating system’s consumption on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Automatic monitoring makes managing your oil tank a simple endeavor. It lets you know exactly when the tank is running low or nearly full. This allows you to conduct fuel-saving strategies and achieve instant results.

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Install a Programmable Thermostat

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All households have their own rhythm. Some have busy mornings as they scramble to prepare for school and work. Others have a busy lunch or dinner as it is when everyone gathers to eat. Therefore, heating needs differ from one household to the next. A programmable thermostat lets homeowners switch the system on and off at certain times of the day per the known patterns. This device can also let you increase or decrease the temperature settings so the heating system works more efficiently.

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Replace the Air Filters

Heating system maintenance should be diligently done. Keeping the system in good working condition helps keep most problems at bay. Make it a habit to clean the furnace and oil tank’s surroundings. This is also a good chance to check the unit for rust, leaks, and other issues. Change the air filters each month or once every few months, as the manufacturer recommends. You can replace it more often if you spot a thick layer of dirt on its surface.

Get a Professional HVAC Tune-up

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Heating systems are complicated machines. They operate using several components that work together to warm up your home. However, these parts can break down. HVAC professionals can quickly determine the issues before they interfere with the heating operation. An HVAC technician can inspect the electrical connections, replace worn-out components, and remove dirt inside the unit. Have them conduct a comprehensive tune-up at least once a year, preferably during fall when there are still mild temperatures. This way, you can afford to switch the furnace off for an extended period.

Seal the Perimeter Openings

The windows and doors around your home don’t just let people inside. They also let cold outdoor air inside via small gaps. Inspect its perimeter closely. There are gaps even if you close them. You can run your hand along the sides to feel the drafts. When cold air gets in, the air inside remains cold, and your heating system is forced to work harder to achieve the thermostat settings. You can significantly reduce your heating oil use by sealing the gaps through weatherstripping and caulking.

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Exclude Vacant Spaces

Some rooms may be unoccupied for long periods if you own a large home. For instance, spaces like guest rooms and storage rooms may be vacant. Close the vents leading to these rooms so you can exclude them from the system load. This means these rooms won’t receive hot air until the vents are opened again. The furnace should burn less oil this way. However, don’t go overboard.

Enhance Insulation

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Is your insulation able to keep you warm? If it doesn’t, your house may benefit from adding more insulation against the cold. The existing insulation may be damaged because of pests and moisture. You may have to remove it and install new insulation. This will stop the movement of heat, so your home stays warm for longer. The furnace also doesn’t have to work harder, so you will notice a decrease in oil consumption. Your energy savings will pay for the insulation as time passes.

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Order Heating Oil During the Summer

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Supply and demand can cause commodity prices to fluctuate. They tend to drop when the products have low demand and a lot of supply. For instance, every homeowner wants heating oil during the winter months, but fewer people want it in the summer. They don’t think about it because the sun already keeps them warm. This is why oil providers tend to lower the prices to attract buyers. It is a good time to call your local oil supplier for a fresh oil delivery. Fill your oil tank at this time to get a discount.

Avoid Special Deliveries

A full heating oil tank may not last the entire winter. Some run out even though it’s still cold out, so you require a refill in the middle of the season. Book the delivery within regular business hours when possible. Businesses are likely to charge more for special emergency cases, like deliveries during the weekend, nighttime, and holidays. After all, they need to pay their workers a higher wage to show up. Avoid special deliveries unless it’s an emergency and your tank is completely out of oil. The best solution is to avoid emergencies and fill your tank before it empties. A good rule of thumb is to get a refill when your tank is around 30% full.


Limit Bathroom Fan Use

Bathroom fans get rid of odors, control moisture, and enhance circulation. However, they also cause heat loss in the home as they move air out at a high rate. Be mindful when you turn them on. Don’t let them run longer than needed. Some fan models have built-in timers so they can shut off automatically. Check its settings. Try shortening it and determine if it yields acceptable results. This way, you will reduce your oil and electricity consumption.


Implementing simple changes in your household can help you reduce your heating costs. Make home improvements, adjust your habits, and install useful devices in your heating unit. These strategies don’t require much effort, time, and money, but they can significantly affect your oil usage. You don’t have to do all these on your own. Contact your local, trusted HVAC professional to receive affordable annual maintenance. They can also assist you in resolving persistent issues and provide valuable heating advice.

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