Does fuel oil quality matter?

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Of course fuel quality matters: Oilheat has changed significantly over the last 25 years – in a good way! Technology has made today’s oilheat cleaner and more efficient. What hasn’t changed is the unmatched warmth oil provides!

Can a good thing get any better? YES!

At Tevis Energy, we fortify every gallon of heating oil we deliver with ECOPlus, an additive that improves system performance and preserves oil from one season to the next. For example, if you receive a delivery late in the heating season, the unused oil will be just as good the following season. Because we’ve been using this additive for a long time, we have seen the difference it makes for our customers – MORE Heat with LESS Oil, and lower maintenance costs too!

How does ECOPlus work?

ECOPlus disperses the impurities that form naturally inside your tank and might otherwise cause your system to run poorly if allowed to accumulate. This is most likely occur over the summer when tanks are exposed to extreme temperature changes and little or no oil is being used. Because ECOPlus keeps your oil free from these damaging impurities, not only will your system operate more efficiently, it may last longer too! Our technicians report seeing a difference between the systems that use Tevis’ ECOPlus heating oil versus those that do not.

How much more does ECOPlus cost?

Tevis provides ECOPlus to all our heating oil customers at no additional charge, because we care about you!

Discover more heat with less oil: Quality makes the difference!

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