Helpful Tips: Ways to Conserve Fuel and Save Money

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Seal Up
Now’s the time to do as much as you can to insulate your home. Simple things like caulking around windows and door jams can help seal out winter and make your home more energy-efficient.

System Tune-ups
Regardless of fuel type, a well maintained system will use less energy in the winter and is likely to give you more trouble free operation. (Ask customer service about combination plans that cover both your heat and AC systems)

Request a Tank Inspection
Look for rust or dents that can weaken your oil tank. If you see evidence of a leak, such as oil stains on the tank or ground, please contact us asap! (Visit our web site for detailed information about tanks)

Additional Ways to Save Money and Budget Fuel Costs:
Monthly Payment Option
Instead of paying by delivery, many of our customers prefer our monthly payment option. This method of payment eliminates high delivery bills and spreads your estimated fuel costs into lower monthly payments. This option pays you 1% interest on credit balances you accumulate during the season and can be customized to meet your needs. Sign up is completely free.

Customer Referrals
One of the best ways to lower your heating cost remains our customer referral program. Refer your friends to Tevis. When they become a new automatic delivery oil or propane customer (250-gallon tank or larger) you will receive a $50 credit to your account per referral! Each person you refer that signs up also receives a $50 welcome credit.

TLC Price Protection
TLC Price Protection is an optional program that offers peace of mind during price volatility. If our market price is higher that your capped price, you ONLY pay the capped price! If our market price is lower than your cap, you pay the lower market price! Tevis suggests that oil consumers avoid fixed or “locked” prices, which obligate you to one price all season, regardless of the market price.

For more information about preparing your home, conserving energy and budgeting ~ contact Tevis Energy customer service (410) 876-6800.