Automatic vs. Will Call: Which Propane Delivery Option Is Right for You?

Propane is an integral part of home heating, cooking, and more. Your propane tank requires a refill before running out, so you aren’t left in an emergency situation. Two ways to keep your tank full are by either signing up for automatic deliveries with a propane supplier or choosing to go for will-call propane deliveries. With automatic deliveries, a company will track your propane usage and schedule a propane delivery when they predict that your tank is about 30% full. This way, the burden of checking your tank and scheduling a delivery in a timely manner is taken off your shoulders. Will-call propane deliveries mean that you will need to monitor your own fuel consumption and call the supplier when your tank is about a third full. The best choice relies on your unique circumstances. Keep reading to learn more about automatic vs will call propane delivery

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Automatic vs. Will-call Propane Delivery: What To Consider

There are significant differences between automatic and will-call propane delivery. We discuss some of them below:

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How Automatic Propane Delivery Works

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Customers who opt for automatic propane delivery need to sign up for this type of service. Before signing up, the homeowner can discuss any financial options with the provider so that their deliveries meet their needs. This type of delivery option is more customizable and gives the homeowner the freedom from having to check their propane tank levels again regularly. Your propane supplier keeps essential information on file, like your home’s consumption history and the region’s temperature patterns. Combining this information with the current weather helps them to correctly estimate when and how much propane every home will need.

Each propane company has different customizations, such as options wherein the delivery drivers call ahead to ensure that someone will be home and promise special delivery of more propane if needed without additional cost. When you have signed up, the propane company includes your home in their delivery schedule so that your tank remains sufficiently refilled and will never run out. This option is most suitable for households that require propane for heating and hot water, owners of rental or vacation homes, families with hectic schedules, and more.

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Pros & Cons of Automatic Propane Delivery

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Automatic propane deliveries offer convenience and complete peace of mind. You do not need to check the tank’s levels during bad weather or worry about running out. The best part is that clients who opt for automatic propane deliveries are always prioritized, even when there is high propane demand. Some contracts may also include HVAC services, which can be advantageous. A full-service company means that you can depend on a single company for all your heating requirements. Many think this is convenient, particularly homeowners with old HVAC systems that need professional attention more often. 

The con of automatic delivery is that clients must put their faith in a company that may not meet their needs. Some just accept the delivery schedules they are provided with. Moreover, the client is responsible for informing the company right away should any drastic changes happen in the home, like increasing the heat or building an addition. If not, the computer calculation will be incorrect, and you may end up running out of fuel. Some automatic propane delivery contract rates may include HVAC services, so this may not be the best option for homeowners who don’t want to pay more than needed.

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Cost Considerations for Automatic Propane Delivery

Choosing automatic propane delivery may mean you have to pay a larger initial fee. Some companies may charge annually, which can save you money in the long run. You will never run out of propane, so you won’t be charged fees linked with emergency propane deliveries. Some companies also offer price protection, meaning the rate is locked in for a set amount of time, and your price won’t increase even if market fuel prices do.

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How Will-Call Propane Delivery Works

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Will-call propane deliveries place all responsibility on the client. They handle everything from fuel level monitoring to calling the propane supplier for deliveries and taking charge of their own delivery schedule. Therefore, you should know how to read your propane tank’s gauge and conduct regular checks. 

Pros & Cons of Will-call Propane Delivery

The benefits of will-call delivery include the homeowner having control and paying only for one delivery as needed. However, this may not be the best choice for some homes. Forgetting to monitor the level of propane in your tank places your home at risk of running low or running out completely. This may mean you have to pay multiple fees in the event that you run out of fuel and forget to schedule a delivery on time. Moreover, booking a delivery isn’t always a simple task because companies may be unable to get back to will-call customers for several days after placing the order, depending on the situation. Orders are also fulfilled on a first-call, first-serve basis. Therefore, will-call customers may have to wait longer than they hoped for, especially during periods of high demand. You may also need to search for another HVAC service provider if your heating system needs to be replaced or repaired unless you work with a full-service propane company. 

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Cost Considerations for Will-call Propane Delivery

Many potential fees are linked with will-call deliveries, especially if tanks run out before the delivery company arrives. Some companies offer emergency deliveries, but they typically include fees for weekend, nighttime, or emergency weekday refills. If the tank is empty, technicians may have to conduct system, pressure, or safety tests, pilot relighting, or line bleeds. The fees for these services can add up.

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Which Propane Delivery Option Is Best For You?

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Consider if you are willing to take responsibility of monitoring your own tank, what will happen if there’s an emergency, and how it will impact your home. This is the best way to decide whether to go for automatic or will-call delivery. Think about how crucial propane is in your home and who will be affected if propane runs out entirely. Are there children or the elderly living in your home? You should also consider the time you will spend frequently checking your tank and if you will remember to do it.

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Primary Takeaways

Automatic deliveries mean homes that rely on propane don’t have to worry about running out or getting surprised by high, unplanned fees. You also don’t need to worry about it, especially during the busy days of winter. Will-call deliveries are an excellent choice for people who don’t want additional fees included with this service since they don’t have to pay more than needed. You only need to remember to monitor the tank so it doesn’t run out of propane. This way, you don’t need to subscribe to another service.

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Propane Delivery FAQS

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Here are several of the most frequently asked questions on propane delivery:

  1. How often are automatic deliveries? The frequency of automatic deliveries depends on how quickly a home uses propane, so it varies from one customer to another.
  2. When should I call for more propane if I choose will-call delivery? Most companies recommend calling to book a delivery when the propane level is down to 30%.
  3. How do I read my propane tank’s percentage gauge? Check under the propane tank lid for a round dial that looks like a speedometer. The dial numbers represent the propane percentage in the tank. For instance, a dial that reads 30 means that the tank is at a 30% capacity.
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You need to set up an account or call for a refill when your home needs propane. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and several factors must be considered when making a final decision. Select the method that will work best to fulfill your needs. If it isn’t working as you expected, you can switch to the other option down the line. Call Tevis Energy to find out more!

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