What Happens When The Furnace Runs Out Of Oil?

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A homeowner has a seemingly endless list of things to do around the house. One of these is making sure that the heating oil in your tank does not run out. There are a few steps you can take to ensure this does not happen. It is generally a good idea to get a refill when your oil tank is at 30 percent full. However, life can get too busy sometimes, and you might end up forgetting to monitor your oil tank levels.

In this article, we will discuss what happens when the furnace runs out of oil.

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What Happens When The Furnace Runs Out Of Oil?

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The good news is your furnace will not incur any damage when it runs empty. Your heating unit is equipped with a safety measure that disables the burner when there is no flame. Hence, you can rest easy knowing your home’s safety will not be compromised. However, before you reset the furnace, check the air filter as it might need replacing.

Although this is the case, it is still best that you do not run out of oil. Your furnace will not work when your oil tank is empty. Therefore, you will need to schedule an emergency oil delivery. Furthermore, without heating oil, you will be without heat. This is not only an inconvenience but also a dangerous situation to be in during the peak of the winter.

The more the temperature drops, the more your furnace uses oil to keep your home warm and comfortable. You can expect to run out of oil faster as well. It might come in unexpected times. For example, you might be without heat in the middle of the coldest night of the winter season. Frigid temperatures leave you vulnerable to illnesses, especially the children and the elderly. Therefore, this is a situation you must avoid.

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Bleed The Oil Line

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When your furnace runs out of oil, you will need a professional tech to come and bleed the oil line. This is typically not necessary unless the furnace does not restart even after you refill it with oil. After all, if you let the oil tank entirely run dry, then the furnace might need extra help to start up again. This is what bleeding the fuel line is for.

Impurities tend to settle at the bottom of your heating oil tank. When you run out of fuel, these contaminants make their way through the fuel lines. When you refill the system without bleeding the line, the heating oil can carry these impurities to your furnace and cause blockages and other issues. This might result in your furnace needing hefty furnace repairs. Therefore, it is a good idea to bleed the oil line first.

Unfortunately, this simple process can cost extra. Have a professional HVAC technician assist you with it. If the process does not work and your furnace still does not restart, then you have an expert by your side who can find anything else that is wrong with your system. This way, your system will be back in perfect working order in no time.

When To Order Fuel Oil

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It is recommended that you order a refill for your oil tank when it is 25 to 30 percent full. It is best to sign up for an automatic home heating oil delivery plan to ensure you do not run out of heating oil. The duration will vary depending on your tank’s size and your preference. Contact your local heating oil company, like Tevis Energy, and discuss your options with them.

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