How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

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Many households in the United States utilize heating oil for residential heating. Compared to other heating sources, heating oil is readily available, efficient, and budget-friendly. Heating oil, unlike natural gas, can be delivered in a large quantity and stored in tanks. You can stock up for the winter without worrying about your fuel supply depleting. Most people buy extra fuel so they do not run out. However, they may have extra oil after winter. Some express concerns about heating oil lifespan. Does it expire? Will someone have to remove it?

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What Factors Impact The Lifespan Of Heating Oil?

These factors listed below impact how long your heating oil will last.

1. Storage Of Heating Oil

You should be able to store heating oil for one to two years without any challenges. It possibly could last up to ten (10) years if stored under the right conditions. Heating oil remains more stable than other fuels such as natural gas because it does not break down as quickly. Once you take care of your storage tank and it remains in good condition, then you do not need to worry. Some residential oil tanks can hold hundreds of gallons of oil. Therefore, people commonly have leftover fuel after the temperatures increase for spring. This remaining fuel can be reused in the next winter or utilized for hot water in the home.

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2. The Impact Of Weather On Fuel Oil

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The weather in the area affects the condition of the heating oil. If the location gets extra cold, then you may face challenges with coagulation. The paraffin in the fuel may begin to solidify and separate once the temperature decreases to below 15 degrees. The fuel oil will stop flowing like a liquid and will, instead, thicken like a gel. Therefore, the fuel may be unable to pass through the small pipe that feeds it into the house. Thankfully, you can reverse the coagulation. Once the oil gets warmer than the point of freezing, the paraffin will melt.

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3. Oil Tank

Consider the type of storage tank when storing your heating oil. The tank should be designed for this type of fuel and installed correctly so that you can enjoy the maximum lifespan of the contents. Most people store their oil tanks above the ground, and the tanks get exposed to the elements. Therefore, enclose your tanks on all sides to reduce deterioration in the future.

Your underground tanks may also deteriorate. Once the exterior starts to rust, holes will start to form, which will cause issues with the storage tank. Water and other substances could contaminate the contents. Once these substances come in contact with the oil, it will deteriorate because of the bacteria from the contaminants. Then, sludge will form and eventually engulf the tank. Therefore, ensure that your storage tank for your heating oil remains in good condition so that your fuel gives you maximum performance and efficiency.

4. The Smell Of The Oil

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You may not be able to see inside your oil tank because the oil is so dark. Also, you most likely will not be able to see through the small openings, and using a light probably will not help. Some homeowners dip a stick into the tank to see the fuel. This way, they can determine if the oil on the rod is in good condition. You can also note the smell of the oil. If bacteria are present, then the sludge will have a foul odor and this indicates that the contents have been compromised. The awful scent usually means that something is wrong. Remove the cap from the storage tank and smell the heating oil. It should smell like when the professional delivered it to your residence.

If the heating oil smell is “off”, contact a professional from Tevis Energy to visit your home. The technician will review the remainder of the oil and advise on the next steps.

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