Tips to Recognize Signs of Energy Loss in Your Home

reduce your energy billEnergy loss is something that can both drive your living costs up and lower your overall quality of life – and this isn’t the type of energy loss that leaves you feeling physically drained and tired. Instead, this is energy waste that’s occurring throughout your home – driving up your utility costs and negatively affecting your overall health. So are there any common signs of energy loss that you can be on the lookout for? What home energy savers can you implement?

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Tips To Recognize Signs Of Energy Loss In Your Home

In this article, we discuss some tell-tale signs that indicate energy loss in your home. By knowing what to look for, you can make some necessary adjustments and start saving.

Gas, Oil, Or Electric Bills That Are On The Rise

  • Appliances, lights, and other electrical equipment can lead to unnecessarily high energy costs. Keep in mind that many modern devices and appliances continue to consume power while in “standby” mode, which in turn results in “phantom” loads.
  • Furnaces that are near the end of the lifespans tend to be about 60 percent efficient in fuel to heat conversion processes, which isn’t great when compared to the 90 percent efficiency rate for fuel conversion in new equipment. These old and inefficient heating systems wind up costing you extra money.
  • Air leaks and insufficient insulation are additional things that might cause your home heating bills to start rising.

Respiratory Issues, Irritated Eyes, And Problems With Allergies

sneezing due to poor indoor air quality

Irritants that are airborne such as particulates like mold spores, dander, dirt, and dust typically seep out of leaky ductwork. They may be the result of mold infestation or an excessively dirty air filter. These are common problems in homes that have forced-air heating systems or central cooling systems that lack a fair amount of energy efficiency and are responsible for issues of energy loss.

The Development Of Ice Dams At The Rooftop

  • Ice dams are noticeable build-ups of ice that form along the roof’s edge when heat escapes from lower living areas via the attic and causes snow on the roof to melt.
  • Ice dams can cause considerable roof damage and they can also harm your gutters and downspouts, thereby leading to roof leaks.
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Cold, Drafty Floors During The Winter Season

covered in blanket due to cold air drafts

  • Heated air can escape from your home via air leaks that additionally allow cold air in, causing uncomfortable drafts.
  • When the flooring is perpetually cold in the home during the winter, this is often caused by insufficient insulation, the infiltration of cold air, and having the incorrect size and quality of insulation installed.
  • Energy loss also occurs in a similar fashion during the summer.

Wet Windows With Constant Condensation

Build-ups of moisture on your windows during the cold weather season often mean that there isn’t sufficient ventilation in your bathroom or kitchen areas. Old windows that lack a high level of efficiency are also prone to this problem.

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Rooms That Experience Temperature Issues

Rooms that are far too hot in the summer months (or too cold in the winter months) can be caused by poor or insufficient insulation in the attic, leaky air ducts. In the summer, you may experience this due to the natural light shining on windows that do not have any reflective coatings.

Not Enough Hot Water For Everyone

no hot water from water heater

  • Water heater tanks that are old, undersized, or both will not have the ability to meet the demand for hot water in your home.
  • A lot of energy can be wasted by an outdated water heater.

Crawl Spaces And Basement Areas That Are Musty-Smelling And Moldy

  • Musty smells coming from the lowest areas of your home can mean mold.
  • Mold is frequently the result of poorly ventilated buildings, inadequate installation, and air leaks

Problems With Mold In Your Attic

  • When the roof sheathing starts developing dark spots on its underside, this could mean that moist air from downstairs areas is traveling into the attic and then collecting or pooling of various surfaces.
  • When the kitchen or bath fan is vented to the attic rather than exhausting warm air outdoors, this can also lead to a moldy attic.


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