What Are the Risks Associated with Fleet Fueling at a Public Gas Station?

Equipment Fleet Fueling at a Gas Station

If your workers complete fleet fueling at a public gas station, you should know the risks associated with fueling your business equipment, heavy machinery, and fleet at a public gas station. Additionally, in today’s uncertain economy, business owners need to stretch every dollar; relying on fleet fueling at a gas station is often a money and time sink for business owners. Fleet fueling in Maryland and Pennsylvania should be affordable and reliable. Instead of being an obstacle or distraction in the workday, it should be a minor part of it.

The Business Risks of Fleet and Heavy Equipment Fueling at a Public Gas Station

  • Germ Transfer: Studies show that gas pumps are some of the germiest places in American cities. Gas pump handles were shown to have high levels of contamination. Every time your employees go to the gas station to fill up their tank, they risk exposure to illness. A sick employee means less productivity and the possibility of them infecting their coworkers. By eliminating gas pump contact you increase healthy safety for your staff and as a result, you can continue to fulfill customer’s needs.
  • Wasted Time: How much time do your employees spend fleet fueling at a gas station? Time is money, and even 15 minutes once a day can add up to a serious loss in productivity and efficiency over the course of a week. Start by measuring the average time that your employees spend at the gas station and multiply that by their hourly pay. Divide that number by 60 and you’ll get an idea of your employee expense for each trip. This also does not necessarily factor in the time that your workers might spend going into the convenience store to get a cup of coffee when the pump is off.
  • Accident Exposure: Driving a truck, van, or company car on the road is always a risk, as there could be an accident or collision at any moment. While that risk seems obvious to anyone driving, many drivers are surprised to learn that there is often an increased risk of accidents at gas stations. At a gas station, drivers are typically distracted, visibility is not always the best, and space is tight. When your company vehicles get in accidents, your insurance premiums will reflect that by increasing.

How Can Your Company Avoid Fleet Fueling at a Gas Station?

On-site fuel tanks eliminate the need for fleet fueling at a gas station. As a result, on-site fuel tanks also eliminate the other risks associated with going to the gas station, including exposure to germs and viruses, slow fueling times at commercial pumps, wasted time at a gas station, the time it takes to travel and stop at a gas station and the increased risk of accidents. Tevis Energy offers on-site fuel tanks that make it convenient to fuel up at the beginning or end of the day without stress.

Avoid Fleet Fueling at a Gas Station with Tevis Energy

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