Can Mobile Direct Fueling Help Minimize Germ Transfer at the Pump?

Mobile Direct Fueling

Are your employees safe when they head to the gas station to fuel up? One study by Kimberly-Clark found that a whopping 71% of gas station pump handles had high levels of contamination. While bacteria and viruses are two different things, it’s safe to say gas pump handles are not the cleanest places we touch every day. Mobile direct fueling is one way that your work vehicles can get critical fuel in Maryland and Pennsylvania with much lower risk.

What Are the Risks of Fueling at a Gas Station?

Current events have made many businesses concerned about putting their employees at risk in their regular line of work. While you’ve probably already instituted guidelines for your workers like wearing masks and washing hands regularly, have you considered the risk that going to the pump to fuel up presents? Studies have found that certain viruses can survive up to 3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces, which are the materials most commonly used for gas pumps. Taking advantage of mobile direct fueling from Tevis Energy can radically lower the risk and still get your work vehicles’ critical fuel.

What Is Mobile Direct Fueling?

Mobile direct fueling is a unique and cost-effective way to fill up all your machinery, construction site equipment, on-site gas tanks and company vehicles without needing to take a trip to the gas station. We also have tankers of all sizes that can deliver high-quality fuels to your on-site tank so that you can conveniently fuel up in a more controlled environment. Mobile direct fueling allows you increased control over how much fuel your workers use, cuts down on the time used to take a trip to the gas station, increases employee productivity and reduces the risk of your employees getting an illness from touching a gas pump. With mobile direct fueling, it’s also much easier to keep the gas pump at your on-site gas tank clean and sterilized in between workers using it. Keep sanitizing wipes nearby and encourage employees to use single-use gloves that are immediately disposed of when handling the pump.

Avoid Fleet Fueling at a Gas Station with Tevis Energy

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