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Fuel Oil Delivery Services in Lurgan, PennsylvaniaHeating Oil Lurgan PA – Tevis Energy delivers home heating oil to customers in Lurgan, Pennsylvania. The Tevis Energy name has been around ever since 1932. Since our very beginning, we have provided our customers with the best heating oil and fuel products that the industry has to offer. As a family-owned and operated business, we intend to provide superior quality fuels while always keeping our prices inexpensive.

We offer:

  • Lurgan Home Heating Oil Delivery

  • Fuel Oil Price Programs Lurgan, PA

  • Lurgan Oil Tank Monitoring Solutions

  • Fuel Tank Protection Services Lurgan, Pennsylvania

No matter if you have a furnace, boiler, or an oil-fired water heater, we can supply you with the best oil delivery service in the region.

We deliver fuel to our commercial customers who depend on us for on-road diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline, and kerosene. No matter if you need fuel delivered to a farm, construction site, industrial facility, transportation facility, you can rely on Tevis Energy!

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Not only do we provide fuel products and heating oil deliveries to our customers, but we also supply a full-line of home comfort services through one of our sister service providers. To find out about our HVAC services, propane deliveries, fireplace services, generators, or hot water heaters, click on the links. Our aspiration is to provide you with a complete range of home comfort solutions that are created to make your home comfort convenient and very affordable! Read more.

Tevis Energy – If you need reputable oil deliveries in Lurgan, PA, then be sure to contact Tevis Energy today. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the heating oil options available to you, plan your heating oil delivery, set-up automated fill-ups, or call in for a one-time fill.

You can give us a phone call at (410) 876-6800 or you can submit the contact form on this web page. We look forward to hearing from you! With Tevis Energy, you can depend on reliable home comfort solutions in Lurgan, Pennsylvania for your commercial or residential property!

Lurgan Heating Oil Prices

By collaborating with Tevis Energy, you can rest assured that you will enjoy completely honest home heating oil prices in conjunction with outstanding service. We understand that home heating prices can spiral out of control, making things unmanageable for many individuals. This is precisely why we offer customer discounts along with oil price protection programs.

If you are an inhabitant of Lurgan, PA and are asking yourself, ‘where exactly can I find the best fuel oil prices near me?’ we have you covered. Just call us at (717) 264-8174 or get in touch with us online. Not only can we give you today’s heating oil market price but we can see if you are qualified for one of our many obtainable discount rates, including military discounts, senior discounts, automatic delivery discounts, and also more.

Heating Oil Companies Near Me In Lurgan Pennsylvania

Tevis Energy is dedicated to being one of the best oil heating companies in Lurgan, which is why we constantly provide our customers the best prices. No matter just how much heating oil prices fluctuate, we can offer you the lowest rates due to the fact that we are consistently updating our data.

If you choose to collaborate with Tevis Energy, you will no longer have to keep burning up time hunting for “best heating oil prices near me” online. Rather, you can contact Tevis Energy, knowing that you are getting the best possible value for your home heating requirements.

Residential Heating Oil Delivery Lurgan PA

We offer both automatic delivery and will-call delivery.

With automatic delivery, you can absolutely be sure to have a full tank of fuel oil at all times and in all weather conditions. We diligently monitor weather predictions, outdoor temperatures, and your special consumption history to know how best to schedule your next heating oil delivery.

Some users would prefer to keep an eye on their own fuel oil tanks. When they need a fill up, they usually invest considerable amounts of time checking the web for the best oil costs by utilizing search terms like “kerosene near me” or possibly “diesel prices near me”. Rather than using your time, you can get in touch with Tevis Energy, knowing that you will obtain the very best heating oil rates in the local area.

Heating Oil Tank Lurgan PA

All heating oil systems have an oil tank, just one of the most vital parts of the overall system. It ensures safe storage of your home heating oil and gives protection to the oil’s quality.

For individuals who require a Lurgan, PA oil fuel tank installation and replacement for their residential or commercial property, make certain to reach out to Tevis Energy. We also have a heating oil tank protection plan, which is a simple and very affordable approach to plan for the eventual replacement of your oil tank.

Lurgan Oil Heating System

There are three methods which an oil heating system generates heat: hot water, warm air, or steam. There are two main styles of oil heat systems that Tevis Energy installs:

Oil Boilers: Upgrading the efficiency of your home or office is one of our number one priorities. At Tevis Energy, we can remove your outdated boiler and upgrade it with a brand-new, more energy-efficient heating unit.

Oil Furnaces: We can also install modern-day furnaces that save power, pollute less, and increase comfort by creating heat more continuously compared to much older furnaces.

About Lurgan, PA

Lurgan is located at: Latitude 40.093977 and Longitude -77.6311007 and has the following zip code(s): 17232. Lurgan is located in Franklin County. Click here to read more about our company.

Lurgan is one of the five unincorporated communities located in Lurgan Township in the northern part of Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Its post office has a ZIP code of 17232. Some of the things to do in Lurgan and nearby communities include holding an event in Lily Hollow, looking at the flowers in Lurgan Greenhouse, dining at Cumberland Hwy, visiting the Lor-Lin Farms, attending service at the Church of God, and shopping at ColorfulCritters. Nearby landmarks include the Widow Piper’s Tavern, Fort Morris Site, and White-Washed in the Nick of Time: The Union (Sherman House) Hotel.

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We Deliver ECOPlus Heating Oil

Our ECOPlus heating oil is always competitively priced. And, ECOPlus heating oil burns cleaner than standard heating oil, giving you MORE heat with LESS oil!

We provide ECOPlus at no additional cost to your Lurgan home or business!

Every gallon of oil that we deliver has an ingredient put in it that dissolves any impurities that are located inside of your heating oil tank. Any particulates that are left in your fuel oil tank can give rise to several issues. Generally speaking, they will negatively impact the functionality of your oil heating system. We add ECOPlus to our fuel oil. This add-on helps in reducing wear and tear of your system, increasing the service life of your system. Also, it helps your system produce less emissions. You will use much less heating oil, which is an ideal way to decrease your heating oil consumption and expenditures.

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We also provide fuel delivery services to Marion and Lemasters. Click here to return to our delivery area page.

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