Ways To Reduce Your Heating Oil Costs This Winter

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During the winter season, fuel oil consumption and energy costs typically go up as homeowners and businesses crank up the heat to stay comfortable indoors in many parts of the US. If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to save money on heating oil without the need to install some fancy equipment or gadgets, here are a few tips to help you bring your heating oil costs down this winter season.

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Ways To Reduce Your Heating Oil Costs This Winter

In today’s article, we will discuss 6 different ways that can help you save money on heating oil.

#1 Get Your Heating Oil From Tevis Energy

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Do you want to save money on heating oil? If you do, order your heating oil from Tevis Energy to potentially save hundreds of dollars each year. We offer a wide range of financing plans for our fuel oil deliveries. Also, a number of delivery options are available to allow you to customize your oil deliveries as per your requirements. We offer the flexibility and financing plans you need. Call today to learn more!

#2 Get An Energy Audit

When you get an energy audit done, you will get to know the structural problems in your home that make it energy inefficient. An energy audit will help get a better understanding of the energy needs of your home. If there are holes, gaps, or cracks in your home, these will keep leaking the hot air indoors, leading to higher fuel consumption. It is recommended to take at least a day before the start of the winter season to carefully inspect each part of your home to find any potential leaks or other problems that might affect heat retention indoors.

There are professionals who have the necessary training and tools to perform an energy audit and you can always take their help. Utilizing the services of a professional will help you get more accurate results and figure out where energy losses are occurring in your home. These professionals will also make some recommendations that will help you cut costs.

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#3 Fix Drafts and Air Leaks

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Immediately fix the problems once you identify them. You need to work towards your goal of minimizing heat loss in order to bring down your fuel consumption during the winter months. Begin by making sure that the kitchen vents and fireplace dampers are closed when you’re not using them.

Inadequate insulation can lead to significant heat loss. If that is the case in your home, you should start fixing them right away. Plug all the leaks and make sure all the drafty areas are covered or closed. Cover the windows using window curtains at night. It will help in preventing hot air from escaping and cold air from coming in.

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#4 Maximize Use Of Natural Light And Heat

One of the ways to bring down your heating costs is to take as much advantage as possible of the natural heat and light available to you. Keep the curtains open in the house during those days in fall and winter when the sun is out in its full glory. South-eastern and eastern areas of a home receive more light and heat which means you should keep the curtains open in these areas from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. If you’re fortunate enough to get enough natural light and heat, you might not need to switch on that heater. In order to retain that natural heat inside, don’t forget to close the curtains in the late afternoon. If you do this every day, you should notice a significant drop in energy consumption.

#5 Keep Indoor Temperatures Down

lowering thermostat to reduce energy costs

Don’t be afraid to lower the indoor temperatures a bit in the wintertime. Bring down the temperatures to a level where you still feel quite comfortable. Keep in mind that you can shave around 1% of your utility costs by bringing down the temperature of your thermostat by 1 degree. Now, multiply these savings over the whole winter season and you are looking at potential savings of hundreds of dollars.

There are some limitations to this. If you live in an area that experiences severe winters, you should not turn the thermostat too low. If you bring down the indoor temperatures sufficiently, it’s possible for the water pipes to freeze and that could lead to a whole set of new problems. It’s not easy to deal with frozen pipes and you should do everything in your power to avoid frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes take a long time to thaw and in the meantime, you don’t have access to water. However, the bigger danger is that frozen pipes can potentially burst. Therefore, it is recommended to first take a look at the temperature in your location to ensure that you can safely turn down the thermostat by a few degrees.

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#6 Programmable Thermostat

You get the flexibility to set different temperatures at different times. You can utilize this feature to save money on heating oil by setting a lower temperature at a particular time. For instance, keep the temperature down when no one is at home and you can program your thermostat to start warming the home 30 to 60 minutes before your arrival. After all, there is no point in wasting energy in heating your home when there is nobody inside. In this manner, you can cut down on your heating oil costs significantly.


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