What To Do With Your Air Conditioner When Summer Ends

Your cooling system should rest after running hard throughout the summer. For most, it’s time to shift to home heating. Thankfully, plunging temperatures allow you to turn off your air conditioning system without feeling any discomfort. However, don’t forget about your AC unit once you switch it off for the season. Instead, close it down properly. Doing so will extend its lifespan and set it up for another successful summer the following next year. This article explores several effective end of summer AC tips.

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What To Do With Your Air Conditioner When Summer Ends

Keep reading as we discuss essential topics for homeowners who want to properly care for their air conditioners.

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How to Close Down the Air Conditioner

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Here are steps on how you can close the air conditioner properly:

  • Review Energy Bills: Gather all of the documents that are linked to your energy use from the past several months. Compare these with the bills from the previous year. Check if there are significant increases. Given your consumption patterns and appliances, you should also check if the changes are reasonable. Consult an HVAC professional if there is an unexplained spike in energy use. 
  • Write Down Issues You Encountered With Your Cooling System: Write down any air conditioning problems you encountered throughout the hot season. If you haven’t recorded them yet, start writing them now and note anything you can remember. These notes can help the HVAC technician when they come for their next yearly tune-up visit.
  • Don’t Use An Air Conditioner Cover: You may be tempted to cover your outdoor cooling unit to protect it from the winter. While it may sound logical, it can backfire when it traps moisture, causing damage to the internal parts. The outdoor unit is designed to handle exposure to winter conditions. You only need to make sure that the compressor’s surroundings are clean and debris-free.
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Common Air Conditioner Problems to Look For

Summer is stressful for air conditioners. These systems work hard every day to ensure your home is cool, and they barely stop to rest. When fall arrives, it is recommended that you check your air conditioner to see if common issues have developed in the last few months. When these problems are diagnosed early, they can have immediate solutions. 

  • Frozen Air Conditioner Coils: Airborne dirt can land on the coils, eventually accumulating into a thick layer of insulation. Dirty coils cannot transfer heat efficiently, causing surfaces to freeze. Call an HVAC professional for assistance if you see signs of freezing.
  • Dirty HVAC Filters: Air filters trap the dirt in the air. Dirt build-up on the filters means it is doing its job. However, you should be concerned about the filters’ limits. Excess dirt will restrict the airflow, so the filters must be replaced at least once a month, depending on various factors.
  • Clogged Air Conditioner Drains: Vapor condensing around the cold coils should drip freely through the internal drains. However, dirt can clog the drains, keep water in the unit, and cause overflows. If you have a leaky air conditioner, the drain may be blocked. Contact a reliable HVAC professional for system cleanup.

Post-Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Habitually do air conditioner upkeep after the summer. You can conduct a DIY, but you will likely get better results when you hire a professional HVAC technician. They will see the signs that untrained individuals will miss. They can also do quick repairs on your system when necessary.

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Listen To Your Air Conditioning Unit

Switch on your air conditioner to listen to it. Strange sounds are one of the best indicators that a cooling unit has issues. Smooth operation means your unit emits a quiet, uniform hum. Any loud sounds from your air conditioner, like banging, screeching, or clicking, warrant a deeper investigation to determine the source. 

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Check the Air Conditioner Connections

The electrical system of the air conditioning unit deserves attention. Ensure that you turn off the power to prevent accidents before starting. Remember that it is always best to leave this task in the hands of trained technicians for safety. Pros will check the connections’ continuity and the wires’ condition. They will replace any defective portions to prevent dangers such as fires. They can also resolve short circuits, faulty capacitors, and other electrical issues. 

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Clean the Air Conditioner Coils

Make sure to clean the coils even if they aren’t frozen. This ensures that the dirt layer doesn’t stick to their surface. Remove any debris inside the system as well. A vacuum cleaner should be able to help you get foreign materials out along the fins. Trim any bushes and weeds near the outdoor unit to reduce debris.  

Check the Thermostat

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The thermostat controls the air conditioner, so it should be maintained to work correctly. Change the batteries if they are low. Reprogram the system and ensure it is in fall settings. Each season has an optimal usage pattern. 

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Get Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

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These may all seem overwhelming but try to keep calm. After all, you aren’t supposed to do these tasks on your own. You can ask for professional assistance from a local HVAC technician who can do all the tasks on these lists. Techs can also advise you on how you can practically prevent cooling system issues. 

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Consider a Cooling System Upgrade

Assess if using your old air conditioner is worthwhile when summer ends. Check your air conditioner’s age this year. Most cooling systems can last for up to a decade with correct maintenance. If your system is within this range and often breaks down, replacing your old air conditioning system may be a good idea. This way, you don’t have to worry about increasing HVAC repair bills. A new air conditioner will work flawlessly, offering better features and increased energy efficiency. 

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Schedule a Heating System Tune-up

The drop in temperatures reminds us that winter is coming. After handling your air conditioner, focus on your heating system next. Book a professional boiler or furnace maintenance service so it is ready for the coming months. Repair all problems in the fall, so you don’t worry about a malfunctioning furnace when it becomes cold. Make sure you also stock fuel in your oil tank. 


Air conditioners help ensure that hot summers are bearable. They work hard to keep our home cool and comfortable. Make it a point to check your air conditioner when summer ends. Conducting fall maintenance means your air conditioner can keep operating for years. Ask a certified HVAC contractor to conduct a thorough inspection of your unit.

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