Women’s History Month: Regina Bordner


Regina Bordner started working at Tevis on April 27, 1987.

She began as a customer service representative and accountant. She was then promoted to Office Manager and IT administrator.

After several years in that role, she progressed to Controller and is now the Chief Financial Office (CFO) of Tevis Energy.
In her current role as CFO, Regina oversees the Accounting, IT, and Human Relations Departments.

She enjoys working with her team to ensure quality service and efficient response for all of Tevis Energy’s customers.

When asked what her favorite part about her job at Tevis is, Regina responded:

“I enjoy understanding how every piece at Tevis fits together and helping others understand that puzzle too.”

In 2020, Regina will have been with Tevis Energy for 33 years. Her primary goal in the upcoming year is to have all positions within her teams filled, trained, and cross-trained.

By increasing the strength, efficiency, and versatility of her own team, Regina hopes that her departments can better facilitate the goals of Tevis’ recently acquired brands and companies.

When she is not at Tevis, Regina enjoys spending time with her family and working outside (when Maryland weather permits). She is an invaluable and longstanding asset to Tevis Energy’s daily functioning, long-term success, and company culture.

From all of us at Tevis Energy: thank you, Regina!

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