Discount vs. Full Service Oil Company: What’s the difference?

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Maybe you can save a few dollars on heating oil with a bare bones discount oil company but what if something goes wrong? (And doesn’t it always!) An unexpected cold snap, a delay in getting home from a trip, or any emergency. Tevis Energy is a full-service home heating oil company that can handle all your heating oil needs and still keep your costs low. They can even serve your annual system tune-up needs. Just click or call!

Tevis understands the impact heating oil costs have on customers and does everything it can to keep prices and operational costs low. For example, customers who sign up for Auto Delivery of their heating oil get a discount of 5 cents per gallon. They can do this because they’re better able to plan out their routes for auto-delivery customers and that efficiency is rewarded with cheaper heating oil prices.

Here are our some other full service Auto Delivery advantages.

Auto Delivery customers are always assured priority service and guaranteed slot in the delivery queue. Sometimes this can mean the difference between getting your heating oil before an approaching storm hits, or not. Because Auto Delivery Customers get the Tevis promise that they’ll get their heating oil delivery before taking on any other delivery commitments.

Here’s how it works. When you’re an Auto-Delivery Customer, Tevis uses your complete history of heating oil usage, along with outdoor temperatures (“degree days”), and weather forecasts to know just when you’ll need more. And if bad weather threatens your delivery, you can rest assured that you’ll get your heating oil delivery before the severe weather hits. You’ll the peace of mind knowing that you’ll have your heating oil ahead of the storm to keep your home safe and warm.

And here’s the beautiful thing about Automatic Oil Delivery: you won’t pay extra for all the benefits! In fact, you pay less! Your price per gallon is reduce by a nickel because you’re helping Tevis increase its operational efficiency. And if you ever run out of heating oil due to a scheduling error on their part, you’ll get a $50 credit to your account. That’s how confident they are that you’ll always have the heating oil you need.

Here’s what else you’ll receive once you sign up for Auto Delivery of your home heating oil.

  • Priority Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Delivery Service
  • Convenience
  • Eligibility for TLC Oil Price Protection
  • Summer Delivery Hold Option

Auto-Delivery not for you?

No problem. Tevis also offers Will Call home heating oil service. You call Tevis when you need more heating oil for your home and they put you in the schedule.

Whether you’re an Automatic Delivery or Will-Call customer, you are important to us! We at Tevis Energy always do our best to get you the best price for heating oil, delivered when you need it. And we offer both Automatic Delivery and Will-Call customers flexible payment options, price protection, and other money-saving options that help make comfort affordable!

If you are not already an Automatic Delivery customer, it’s easy to become one! Simply call us, or send us your request via our website by clicking on Contact Us from the Contact tab. Do it today and put your mind at ease for your family’s safety this winter.

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