Discount vs. Full Service Oil Company: What’s The Difference?

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Choosing the best heating oil company for your home can be a challenge. Both a discount vs full-service oil company will offer a set of unique benefits to homeowners. One service might not initially be better than the other. The difference will depend on the homeowner, their specific needs, and what will work best for their home.

This article will discuss the difference between a discount heating oil company versus a full-service delivery. This way, you can make a well-informed decision when choosing one that will work best for you.

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What Is A Discount Service Oil Company?

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A discount oil company delivers oil when a homeowner schedules an oil delivery. This is a one-off service that does not involve any type of contract. Customers can pay for the oil on a cash on delivery or on a COD basis. Therefore, they pay for what they owe to the company on the day of the oil delivery. Homeowners can order this service through the phone or the internet. This type of oil delivery offers a high level of convenience, making it popular among households and small businesses.

Pros Of A Discount Service Oil Delivery

image of advantages of will call oil deliveriesSome of the advantages you get when you work with a discount service oil delivery company include the following:

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Choose Your Oil Supplier

One of the main pros of hiring a discount service oil delivery is choosing which oil delivery company to work with. You can keep changing oil providers whenever you want to. For instance, you might find another company that offers more competitive rates. If so, you can switch with this company. As there is no contract you need to honor, you can have your tank filled as often as you want. You can also find a more reputable oil supplier should your current one fail to meet your standards.

Flexible Oil Delivery Pricing

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Oil prices can fluctuate. When you order from a discount delivery company, the price you pay depends on the current market price. Therefore, you can purchase oil at a cheaper cost. You can also take advantage of this and buy in bulk when heating oil prices drop. Many discount oil delivery services also offer discounts when you place bulk orders so that you can take maximum advantage of the price changes.

Discount oil allows you to place orders depending on your budget. This way, you can spend per your current financial abilities without having to pay the amount a contract might stipulate. Your order will push through even if you won’t have your tank filled fully. However, a minimum order might be required.

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Competitive Fuel Oil Price

Discount oil usually offers lower than average oil prices. There is a lot of competition within this type of oil delivery company. When inflation happens, they are not affected as much and can keep the price low. Discount oil suppliers tend to buy in bulk when the price per barrel is low so that they can offer lower prices than most. Therefore, when oil market prices change, discount oil companies keep their prices relatively stable.

Choose When To Have Oil Delivered

Discount oil suppliers are on call. Therefore, you can schedule the deliveries at the most convenient time for you. You do not have to interrupt your schedule to make sure you get your oil delivery. This feature is typically available 24/7 as most discount oil suppliers offer the option to order oil online. However, homeowners will have to monitor their own tank levels and call when their heating oil tank is about 30% full. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for homeowners to run out of fuel, requiring them to schedule an emergency oil delivery.


What Is A Full-Service Oil Company?

image depicting full service oil companyUnlike a discount oil company, full-service oil companies offer automatic fuel oil delivery. They provide full-service plans in the form of yearly contracts. These plans are made to fit your budget and cover several things, such as heating system component cleaning, preventative HVAC maintenance, and 24/7 customer support. Essentially, this type is a one-stop provider of all your heating system and oil delivery requirements. With this type of service, you will not have to monitor your tank levels as the oil provider does this for you.

Advantages Of A Of A Full-Service Service Oil Delivery

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Here are some of the many reasons more homeowners are switching to the convenience of having a full-service company:

Complete And 24/7 Service

A full-service oil dealer provides you with automatic and scheduled fuel deliveries. This way, you never have to worry about running out of fuel. They monitor your tank levels for you. Also included in the service package is 24/7 service for your home’s HVAC systems. This added protection ensures that your system is in good hands even after hours, on the weekends, or on holidays.

Cost Savings

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The biggest benefit you’ll get from a full-service company is the price protection plan. Oil prices fluctuate all the time. With a full-service company, you pay the same price for the oil during your contract period no matter how high oil prices go. Many companies offer budget-friendly plans and convenient billing to make paying for your oil as hassle-free as possible.

Guaranteed Supply

A full-service dealer has your required amount of oil on hand all the time. Therefore, you can guarantee that you will have your needed supply. This is especially important during the winter when the demand is high. Many full-service companies have on-site storage to ensure their supply is of optimum quality at all times.

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Same Company Stability

With a discount company, there is a tendency to switch from one oil delivery service company to another many times. You work with different technicians when this happens. When you sign up with a full-service delivery company, you deal with the same company, have access to professionally certified HVAC contractors, and have the peace of mind in knowing the people who work for you. You also get everything you need in one stop as full-service companies offer everything you need regarding your heating and cooling needs. This way, you don’t have to keep searching for companies or people when you need something done with your system.

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