Steps To Take If You Run Out Of Heating Oil

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For local residents who are looking for a heating oil delivery service, then being able to locate a trustworthy fuel oil delivery service should be a top priority. Fortunately, you can always rely on Tevis Energy for quick, affordable delivery services.

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Many consumers ask us what to do if you run out of heating oil. In this article, we share some steps you should take.

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What To Do When Your Oil Tank Is Empty

Diligent furnace maintenance will ensure that you’re able to get the most value and efficiency from your home heating oil this winter. You should also be sure to regularly check the tank gauge to find out whether or not your oil level is low, especially during the cold months. Even when all of these steps are taken, however, it is still possible to run out of oil.

Although avoiding this is important, there are still a few things that can be done when your heating oil tank is empty so that your entire household can stay safe and warm while awaiting your next fuel oil delivery. This article will talk about different strategies that you can use to both stay warm and to avoid having your heating oil tank become completely empty.

Request An Emergency Oil Delivery


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To start, as soon as you realize that your home heating oil tank is empty, contact your oil supplier and set up an appointment for immediate delivery. Tell your heating oil delivery company that you’re having a heating emergency so that they can make an effort to schedule service right away. Find a supplier that’s known for prompt delivery of heating oil as this is an excellent way to expedite the receipt of this fuel.

It isn’t necessary to completely fill your tank each time you place an order for fuel oil. If your budget is a modest one, you can always order the minimum amount of oil required by the supplier. There are, however, several important things to think about when ordering less oil than a full tank’s worth.

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Order Your Fuel Oil Ahead Of Time

If you know that there are severe weather conditions on the horizon, you should check to ensure that you have adequate oil to make it through the coming storm. This will help you avoid any delivery delays that are caused by inclement weather.

To further expedite the receipt of your home heating oil, check to ensure that your home address is clearly visible, even for someone who might be making a delivery in the dark. If the ground is covered in snow, clear a path for the delivery driver so that this individual can access your property and the fill pipe. You should additionally make sure that the fill pipe can be easily found and identified.


When You Run Out Of Oil, Use Diesel

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Sadly, there are times when fuel oil deliveries take a bit longer than anticipated even when you’ve done all that you can to avoid delays. If you ever run out of fuel while waiting for a delivery, you can opt to use diesel fuel in the interim. It’s very important to prepare for this, however, by buying a can that’s appropriate for diesel storage. While this isn’t the ideal option, it is far preferable to not having any heat in the home at all.

Diesel for trucks and cars that can be bought at local gas stations is the same oil or fuel that you use in your furnace. The difference is that there’s a road tax levied on this fuel when it is used in automobiles. When buying this oil for your home, you aren’t required to pay this tax. Although it will cost a bit more to heat your home this way, it will help you keep warm while waiting for your next fuel oil delivery to arrive.

After filling your tank with diesel, you must wait for the sediment to sink down to the bottom. After waiting a sufficient amount of time for this settling to occur, you can turn your furnace on. Waiting to allow sediment and other impurities to drift down to the tank bottom will prevent these things from entering the fuel lines. If these particulates are allowed to enter into the fuel lines, they may result in an unfortunate clog.

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How Heating Oil Outages Can Be Prevented

If you frequently run out of heating oil, there are a few things that you can do to prevent this from occurring again in the future. First, make sure that the fuel gauge is working properly. A functioning fuel level sensor will check the tank contents and bleed the system automatically. Absent of a system for automatic bleeding, you’re going to have to take care of this manually. If the fuel lines are never bled, your furnace may eventually sustain damage.

Set up your next heating oil delivery appointment when your tank reaches the half-full mark. Verify your oil levels by checking them every few weeks. Set up a smartphone alert for reminders to check your oil levels at appropriate intervals. The Tevis Energy ordering platform makes it possible for consumers to schedule oil deliveries at all hours of the night or day. This enables people to place fuel orders after normal business hours when the office is closed. It is incredibly convenient and can help you avoid running out of heating oil throughout the year, but especially during the cold months of winter.


Automatic Delivery Options

You’re also able to call us directly to get more information on our automatic delivery options. With this service, you won’t need to regularly monitor your tank levels and you won’t be in danger of running out of fuel during a cold stretch. You can count on us for reliable delivery of your fuel. Be sure to inquire about our options in financing as well. Between our fantastic pricing options and our flexible delivery plans, we can customize your services to perfectly suit your needs. Get in touch with us today!


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