Can Hygge Help Your Energy Bill?


Have you heard about hygge?

Hygge, pronounced hue-guh, is the Danish concept of something being warm, cozy and comfortable. It is said to be the art of giving into the winter cold and coming together with family and friends in a post-holiday slow down.  Hygge can look like a broad range of things, from snuggling up under a flannel blanket to reading a book by a roaring fire. How can mastering the art of hygge help your heating oil bill?

The Art of Hygge

Hygge is all about making your home feel cozy and comfortable, engaging in activities that make you feel warm and valuing your surroundings. By slowing down and taking time for simple activities that bring you joy, like having a cup of tea on a cold winter night, you can experience the benefits of hygge.

How Hygge Can Help Your Heating Bill

Anyone trying to conserve energy and save on their heating bill knows that staying warm doesn’t just mean cranking up the thermostat. Instead, it means making yourself feel warm without using electricity. How can you channel your inner Dane and lower your heating bill?

  1. Light up the fireplace: Fireplaces are a beautiful way to illuminate your home and make it warm. The warm glow that fireplaces emit makes your home feel peaceful and romantic without ever flipping a light switch. Keep a pot of water on top of wood-burning stoves or in front of open fireplaces to add additional moisture in the air.If you don’t have (or want to light) a fireplace, or plan on leaving the room, flameless candles can give you the same warm visual without the fire hazard.
  1. Let Your Garden Grow: House plants are a wonderful way to add light and hominess to your house. Aside from brightening up your space, plants also increase the humidity level in your home naturally. When the humidity level is higher, the air will carry more moisture and it will consequently feel warmer. From ferns to flowers, there are many house plants that can add moisture and life to your space.
  1. Unplug: When was the last time you took a night to turn off your cell phone, shut down your computer and unplug? Spend time with your family playing board games or reading a book and, while you’re unplugging from technology, you should also take time to unplug your unused appliances.
  1. Stew a Little: Savory soups and stews are one of the pinnacles of hygge. The added bonus is that these offer another fantastic way to warm yourself from the inside out. Pressure cookers and slow cookers are often energy-efficient, and stews and soups can be made in bulk to prevent cooking every day. Layering up in some sweaters and throw blankets with your family while enjoying a bowl of soup by the fire is the perfect representation of hygge.

Stay Warm and Save on Your Energy Bill with Tevis Energy

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