How Much Heating Oil Do I Need This Year?

How Much Heating Oil

Millions of homeowners throughout the country rely on clean-burning, cost-effective heating oil to keep their homes comfortable. However, ordering the right amount of heating oil can be complicated. To avoid running out of fuel oil during a snowstorm or period of cold weather, how much heating oil do you need? Here are some of the ways Tevis Energy recommends to determine how much fuel oil you should order for your oil tank.

How Much Heating Oil Do I Need?

Start by looking at the capacity of your heating oil tank. Most homeowners have a 275-gallon tank. If you know the amount of fuel oil left on the gauge and the capacity of your tank, the amount of heating oil you want to order can be a simple calculation. For example, if your tank is 25% full, the most fuel oil that you can order would be 215 gallons. You can always buy less oil than your oil tank’s capacity, but you should always check the forecast to ensure you have enough to stay comfortable.

Using the chart below, check the forecast to see the average outdoor temperature for the next two weeks and use the middle column to see how much heating oil the average homeowner would use during a 24-hour period at that temperature. The third column displays an estimate of how long 100 gallons of fuel oil should last under those conditions.

Average Outside Temperature Approximate Gallons Used Per 24 Hours Approximate Days 100 Gallons Will Last
15 7.8 12.8 days
20 7 14.4 days
25 6.2 16 days
30 5.3 18.8 days
35 4.5 22.4 days
40 3.7 27.2 days
45 2.8 35.6 days
50 2 50 days

What Does the Forecast Hold?

Depending on where you are located in Maryland or Pennsylvania, the winter temperatures fluctuate in the mid-20s to high-30s. Keeping track of the weather trends can help you anticipate your heating oil needs. When temperatures fluctuate often, many customers will use more heating oil than they typically would as a result.

How Much Heating Oil Do I Need to Avoid Running Out?

We suggest that all customers who rely on heating oil as their primary heating source enroll in free automatic heating oil delivery from Tevis Energy. Automatic delivery gives you the best possible price and the peace of mind your fuel oil tank will not run dry.

Get How Much Heating Oil You Need from Tevis Energy

If you are out of heating oil and need to request a delivery, contact us today online or by calling (410) 876-6800Click here to learn more about our 24/7 Emergency Service.  Tevis Energy is proud to be a family-owned and operated business reliably serving communities throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania with safe, clean-burning diesel and heating oil at a competitive price.

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